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January 26, 2022
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The court issued a lawsuit against netent gaming company at the request of the trade union by handymen, not allowing mass dismissal. The trade union by handymen (gwu), representing most netent employees in malta, filed an application to the higher court of malta with a request to impose a legal ban to prevent the use of any form of reduction of states or dismissal from work.

Netent began massive dismissal last week after they were acquired by evolution gaming, with the result that hundreds of employees lost their jobs.

The trade union complained that netent did not notify him and did not consult from the point of view of european and local legislation defending employment in collective dismissal scenarios. He also accused the company and its newner evolution gaming in the mass violotion of the eu rules on the transfer of obligations.

Gwu condemned netent and evolution gaming anti-union tactics, which, according to it, is aimed at preventing effective consultations with employees at a critical moment when the face potential redundancy a few days before christmas. In his statement to the court, the trade union argued that the company agreed a package of dismissal with the "employee representative", which rejected the requests of employees and was appointed the company itself in violation of the rules governing obligations regarding information and consultations.

On the other hand, the company refused to consult with the gwu, which most local netent employees now represent.

The gwu spokesman said that thanks to the court intervention in our urgent request, 324 illegal dissisal were suspended. We continue to insis that netent and evolution gaming fully followed their obligations on consulting, and we will do our best to save jobs and, if it is impossible to pay the appropriate compensation ".

The news of the absorption plan of netent and mass layoffs was brought to her employees in malta in early december 2020, and most employees expressed shock and disappointment about the fact that on the same day they were fired from work new owners.

The arguments of the parties will be heard by the court on a specially appointed meeting on december 17.

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