Neutana Chen’S World Chair Coach Criticized The Age Qualifications In Figure Skating

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May 2, 2022
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Famous coach in figure skating rafael harutyunyan once again touched on the theme of the age cenas in figure skating. Read more in material.

Neutana Chen's World Chair coach criticized the age qualifications in figure skating

Harutyunyan: mishin – excellent example of the right job

Batalia as for the age value in figure skating, not one year, but they scored a special sharpness after a series of triumphs under the guidance of russian coach eter tutberidze. Her wards from an early age perform complex jumps, inaccessible to most other athletes. For the introduction of restrictions on age, a large number of various athletes and famous coaches played. Not exception became raphael harutyunyan.

About why eter tutberidze – one of the best coaches in the world, and its decisions create a figure in figure skating, you can read in a special article.

Since 2000, the armenian coach lives and works in the us. Among his famous wards, you can remember michel kwan (two-time prizes of oi), mao osada (multiple winner of international tournaments) and netana chen.

The latest progress of coach is connected with him now. American became the figure skater who was able to move from the top of yudzur khan, defeated him at the world championships and in the final of the grand prix.

Interestingly, the supporter of raising age qualifications raphael was even before the public learned about the existence of the current stars of figure skating in the face of the zagito, the coward, scherbakova, costoy and valiyeva. According to him, the fact that young champions spend a very bright, but short career, proves the need to introduce age qualifications. According to the coach, this will allow more scenario to approach the training of athletes, without hunting it and protecting their health.

One of the successful examples of such work, harutyunyan calls alexey mishina and elizabeth tuktamiava. As a result: at 23, the figure skater does not just finish the career, but only takes the own program. According to the coach, lisa had all the opportunities to jump four earlier, since for a long time he owned a triple accele, but the lack of a hurry allowed to lay the base she enjoys to this day.

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