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August 3, 2022
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888 Holdings

888 holdings filed a notication to the london stock exchange confirming that lord jonathan mendelson replace brian mattinley b as appointed chairman of the company.

Appointment of lord mendelssohn the next annual general meeting of 888 in may 2021, when mattles officially resigns from all managerially duties.

In his notice experience of lord mendelssohn in the gambling sector when he became a co-founder of strategic consulting agency for mergers and acquisitions oakvale capital, which specializes in investments in gambling business, entertainment and media.

The appointment of lord mendelssohs attracted extensive media attention after last week flutter entertainment announced that the former depeuty head of the labor party tom watson joined the company as an advisor to regulatory issues.

Lord mendelson commented:
"i am very pleased to join the board of directors of such a world-class gaming operator. 888 is a company that i have long admire for more than 20 years of work with the companies of the gambling industry.

The group has a number of very interesting opportunities, and i count on close cooperation with the board of directors and the team of managers to continue the implementation of the group’s growth strategy and further increase value for interested parties ".

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