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March 17, 2022
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New Appointments in GambleaWare

Charitable company gambleaware reported that after the process of competitive hiring zoe osmond will replace etchem’s brand as the new executive director since the end of march 2021.

Zoe osmond has extensive knowledge in this position, since the last two years was the director of communications and interaction in gambleaware. She also has a large track record in the field of charity and business, previously occupying the managing partner and the director of global business.

Since 2018, zoe osmond has been managing the gambleaware multi-million dollar campaigns on safer gambling and treatment and works with stakeholders in public health, government, media, scientific circles and industries to ensure the success of the campaign. Thanks to this work and the provision of a comprehensive review of the strategic positioning and communication program of a charitable organization in 2019, which helped determine the direction of gambleaware, zoe osmond developed a clear understanding of the possibilities and problems faced by charity and sector.

Prior to work in gambleaware zoe osmond held the position of executive director of the national advertising charitable society (nabs), a national charitable organization that supports people working in the field of media and advertising. Working with nabs, zoe osmond led the transformation of a charitable organization by developing and putting into operation new support services and putting nabs to a reliable financial basis.

Commenting on the appointment of zoe osmond to this position, kate lampard cbe, chairman gambleaware, said:

"Over the past two and a half years, which i and my employees worked with zoe, she demonstrated that it corresponds to the criteria that we need. Her knowledge and experience in gambleaware mean that she can immediately begin the case, which is especially important when during a pandemic and locked.

Her experience in the leader of a charitable organization and the experience of business transformation show that she understands what is needed in order to lead a large organization working with a complex group of stakeholders, and which requires a confident, advisory and joint approach. Its ability to work with a wide range of experts in the subject area and its experience in converting charity, building business and leadership changes will play an important role in promoting gambleaware ».

Zoe osmond also commented:

"Gambleaware is experiency an exciting moment in its history, and over the past ten years, mark echess has done a phenomenal job by sending charity to this moment. This is a critical time for the gambling up to 100 million pounds of sterling from the gaming industry means that this is an important time to form and promoting the vital work of gambleaware and develope our own experience. I am inspired by the prospect of transformation and capabilities that gambleaware are now available for cooperation watch other organizations to prevent harm from gambling, and i look forward to the possibility of accepting a challenge ".

Source: official site gambleaware

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