New Casino In The Crimea Will Provide The Influx Of Tourists In The Offseason

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April 15, 2022
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In connection with the order of prime minister of the russian federation dmitry medvedev on the opening of a new gambling zone in crimea local tourism experts gave their assessment to the project.

New casino in the Crimea will provide the influx of tourists in the offseason

Experts say that attendance of gambling institutions in russia is generally increasing, but a significant part of tourists prefers only two of the four available. First place occupies «krasnaya polyana». In june 2019, the institution visited about 53.4 thousand. Human. In comparison with the same period for 2018, this is 51.7% more. In general, in the previous year, gambling establishment «krasnaya polyana» visited about 570 thousand. Guests.

The second place in attendance occupies a gambling zone «primorye». Most guests – citizens of south korea and china. On average in 2018 for nine months, the approximate flow of the guests was 350 thousand. Human. Next, ignition zones are in descending order «amber» and «siberian coin».

According to a number of tour operators, yalta has nothing to increase the flow of tourists, and in connection with the creation of the gambling zone, some negative moments are not excluded. The city primarily has a reputation as a family resort, and due to the attitude towards it may change. According to the company’s general director «dolphin», the number of people who come to the rest of families in the village of katsivel can cut.


However, experts impose positive location forecasts during the off-season. At this time, the influx of wealthy tourists will increase. Alexey vyokanov, head of hotel chain «atelika», i am sure that the gembling establishment in the katsiel stabilizes the situation with year-round loading.

It is also believed that the gambling zone is created under the public from china. But it is possible that foreign tourists will choose macau or gambling areas in the east of russia. Director of business development in china uts russia mikhail vovchenko notes that problems are possible due to blocking international payment systems in the republic of foreign tourists, for the influx of foreign tourists, this task must be solved first. Also, the influx of foreigners from iran and turkey is also quite likely.

Recall, the prime minister of russia signed a decree on the opening of the gambling zone in the crimea.

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