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March 29, 2022
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New casino princess mayak started in minsk. His solemn discovery took place on august 6. Gambling is placed in the dana mall shopping center.

New Casino Opened in Minsk

The object is part of the princess international group network. Indition to the new club, it includes other casinos of minsk, including zhuravinka and diamond. Network manages turkish entrepreneur sudi ozkan.

In the casino, you can end both the street and from the shopping center. In the institition there are 30 slot machines. This room works around the clock. In addition, guests can play on board games for four playing tables, one of which is assigned specifically under texas holdem. Casino itself begins its work every day at 16:00. Together with the new institution in minsk there are 14 casinos.

Will profitable?

Experts dealt with regard to how profitable will the work of the institution. The location of the club – outskirts. Some believe that the turkish approach to the issue of service and hospotality has not recently in recentations expected will be inevitable, as the establishment is in a passing place near the separate microdistrict.

It has priviously known that for the partiipants of the newly opened interactive gembling market of belarus will begin to act new rules.

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