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April 15, 2022
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Lottery In Brazil

Lottery rio de janeiro is working on the discovery of a tender for traditional draws with an instantaneous prediction of the number.

At the last meeting of meembers of the board was analyzed how to hold a tender, during an operator who will search on the creation of products, printing tickets, storage, distribution and marketing.

According to bnldata, an open tender will be held according to the principle of "lowest prices", while the contract will be awarded to the bidder, which corresponds to the terms of the lottery and informs the agency about the highest net profit.

The contract is designed for five years and will have an approximate cost of 48 million us dollars. It is assumed that he will bring an income of $ 73 million in the first year, 87.7 dollars in the second, 114.1 dollars in the third, $ 148.3 in the fourth and 192.9 million dollars in the last year of the contract.

Marchello de mello correa, head of the lottery leader rio de janeiro, said:

"The operator will have complete freedom. This is an agreement on income, and the more the operator earns. We work on a public notification project about a new model that we are trying to show here in rio de janeiro. Financial goal will be guaranteed by the staff of rio. While is given freedom, the financial goal is established. The numbers are based on the owned lottery operations.

Lottery market in brazil opened after the liberalization of state lotteries in the country. Therefore, the rio de janeiro lottery hopes to complete the process of selecting the operator as soon as possible.

In the federal government of brazil, there are still disagreements on the issue of state lotteries.

While it is looking for ways to improve finances due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, since then the government is trying to limit the possibilities of state lotteries, fearing that they may affect the sales of federal lottery products.

Source and photo: focus gaming news

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