New Facts In The Case Of Wirecard: Ceo Of Cardsystems Detained

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June 3, 2022
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In munich, the executive director of the wirecard division was arrested. He is incriminatedized by a central role in the case of fraud in particularly large sizes. Oliver bellenhaus supervised cardsystems middle east − the largest subsidiary of wirecard, which brought a quarter of income from the general revenue of the company worldwide.

New Facts in the Case of Wirecard: Ceo of CardSystems detained

Fination of financial times reports that half of the funds from the lack of wirecard $ 2 billion audit is on two accounts that the cardsystems itself. General director of marcus brown, detained immediately after information about the frauds, was released on bail. And for bellenhaus, the police do not consider such an opportunity. Law enforcement officers believe that he can harm the consequence, fake proofs, and go to run.

During the previous years, wirecard managers covered a subsidiary in front of the auditors. Cardsystems was considered a profitable business, the main profile of which was to ensure financial operations of external partners within the payment system. It was documented that the former deputy head of wirecard yang marsalek and, actually, bellenhaus officially reported kpmg’s audit company about agreements with third-party counterparties during a special audit conducted by ernst & young.

After leakage in the press of news about the start of investigations on the fact of fraud, the investigation did not manage to establish the place of stay of marsalek. The names of the rest of suspects and action involutions the police do not advertise.


Recall that two weeks ago law enforcement agencies of great britain froze the activities of the issuer of maps in connection with the bankruptcy of his parent company in germany. The accounts of the cardholders of the english company were temporarily blocked so that the funds could not enter their german founder. Later, the british regulator took off restrictions, and the cardholders in europe were allowed to safely withdraw all the money.

The company said that existing on documents, but missing for the fact of $ 2 billion are in the accounts in the banks of the philippines. When investigating the facts were not confirmed. It also turned out that representatives of auditors and regulators were also involved in fraud and covered the facts of misuse of funds.

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