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August 8, 2022
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The company is more than 15 years old creates software solutions for the gambling industry. Founders slotsoft put an ambitious goal – be number 1 in his niche, creating the best product for operators. Most popular virtual gambling: read in the review on our site.

New Features for Gambling Business From Slotsoft AT UGW

For six years, the company is based in london. Its activity began with the creation of the first version of the robot slotsoft program. Four years ago, developers began to introduce an unauthorized access system by cryptocrying. Over the past two years, the provider has significantly expanded the range of games, issued releases of new software products. To date, slotsoft is actively implementing the project transfer of all products on html5. And new developments, and long-faced company presents on ukrainian gaming week – one of the most significant in eastern europe exhibition in the gembling industry, which will be held on september 14-15, 2021 in kyiv in the ministry of heal near. M. «Left bank». About 3 thousand are expected at the event. Visitors and more than 100 participants who will have the opportunity to exchange views, submit top development: bookmakers software, software for legal companies, payment systems, online casinos, equipment and technologies.

Representative slotsoft notic in the development of the gambling industry not only of the gambling industry not only of ukraine, but also the whole region. This is due to the fact that the reincarnation of the entertainment industry in the country of demandy contributees to the growth of demand for modern products, forcing providers to mobilize their efforts to ensure the growing needs of the market and quantitatively and efficiently.

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