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April 27, 2022
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That a new game from hideo codisima is already in development, it became known from «twitter». Japanese game designer personally announced such information by adding that in the absence of colleagues is developing a new concept.

New Game From Hideo Codisim: Already in Work

In confirmation, the designer attached a photo on which his desktop is visible. Judging by the wave of discussions, which was caused by the publication, it is not clear to the end, which is more interesting to users – how will the game from hideo codzima and the contents of its desktop.

The most attentive priests on the photo player sony walkman and souvenir gift from the rotten tomatoes aggregator. Oblests for the designer turned out to be a cute rubber duck and one of the issues of the magazine wire. But the most unusual users called the castle of the face of norman ridus.

In the context of everything that happened, it im import not to forget about am importing in relation to cooperation kojima productions and konami. Say, companies have agreed to create a game of silent hills. Presumably, the development of horror will take on studio hideo codzima. But a full-fledged announcement used to 2020, most likely will not take place. Theraefore, many fans froze in anticipation, assuming the following game hideo codisima – silent hills.

Recall that andrzey sapkovsky and cd projekt red concluded a new contract by completing the stage of court proceedings.

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