New Gembling Legislation Is Not Able To Regulate The Ukrainian Lottery Market

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April 18, 2022
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Despite the many complaints about the bill on the legalization of gambling business in ukraine, most experts agree to bring the industry out of the shadows. However, the lottery industry may be under the bow.

New Gembling Legislation IS Not Able to Regulate The Ukrainian Lottery Market

According to experts, the editorial office of gambling legislation against lottery operations is contrary to not only the adopted business practice, but also global industry standards. The fact is that ukrainian regulation puts the lottery in one row with gambling in the casino, while around the world the lottery – the specific type of gambling to which special measures are applied.

From the point of view of legal terminology and the conceptual-categorical apparatus, the lottery is also qualitatively different from gambling, which is not at all reflected in the draft law on legalization. As as already declared earlier, this lack may result in the fact that the lottery terminals, which, in fact, are a will be a speculation tool. Experts fear that companies will begin to mask slot machines that have completely different functional features, under the lottery terminals.


There are several deep differenes that are characterized by gambling and lotteries. The main one is that participation in lottery draws requires longer time intervals than in gambling games. The bottom line is that the slot can be launched without stopping, while draws are held on schedule. Thus, the user has time to realize and overestimate their own actions. This feature – key in the formation of game dependency.

The main problem of ukrainian legislation, in the opinion of lawyers, is that due to the lack of distinction in the regulation of lotteries and gambling sometimes it is sometimes not clear to what kind of type of gembling includes a specific term.

The decision can be the formation of individual legislation that takes into account the features of the work and social purpose of the lottery.

Recall that in ukraine a lottery market in the future can be presented by the work of the monopoly state operator.

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