New Gymnastics Star From The Usa Was The Internet (Video)

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January 17, 2022
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With incredible ease, as experts characterize, the young star of gymnastics from the us caitlin okhashi did a range of the most complicated tricks. That they were behind the tricks why her video on youtube and twitter scored in the aggregate of more than 40 million views, as well as who is this katelin okhashi – read further.

New Gymnastics Star From The USA Was The Internet (Video)
Content: 1. Who is katelin okhashi2. Successes okhashi – video

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Who is katelin okhashi

According to the university of california in los angeles, ohasha is the current ncaa compound (national student sports association) in free exercises. She was also champion of the ncaa 2018 team.

Ucla okhashi competed at the elite level of gymnastics, until he damaged his back and shoulder, reports the tribunes player. This was the reason that she decided to compete at the college level.

She started his career in 2009 at the age of 12 in the american academy of rhythmic gymnastics (gage). Almost immediately debuted on national youthful competitions. Here katlin especially notic (first place), all-around (4th place) and height jumps (7th place).

Next was the national championship in dallas, where the athlete took «silver», after which she became a member of world olympic gymnastics academy (woga).

Later, in 2013, the girl won the america’s cup. Aftert this competition, it suffered an operation on the shoulder, as a result of which its results in national competitions began to deteriorate. So she was in university championship.

Successes okhashi – video

Last year, katlin showed what is capable of. Then at the next turnament under the under armour’s 2018 collegiate challenge she completed a number of tricks, unbearable even for many higher level professionals.

This year, literally the other day, the girl demonstrated even higher indicators. So, from the video it can be seen that kaitlin made three flips back, jumped up and from a two-meter height landed into the twine. Especially remarkable, what ease it performed this trick, experts mark.

According to foreign media, okhashi stunned not only to the public, but also judges with their amazing athleticism. As a result – 10 points out of ten per speech, almost exceptional result for under armour’s 2019 collegiate challenge. Last year she scored 9.8 out of ten.

Moreover, video of her performances has become viral on twitter – for a few days it scored more than 37mm.

A ???? Isn’t enough for this floor routine by @katelyn_ohashi. ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / pquzl7alua

— ucla gymnastics (@ucleagymnastics)
january 13, 2019.

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