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January 14, 2022
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In new hampshire, legislation was adopted, regulating the work of welcoming points.

New hemphir intends to legalize betting

The house of representatives of new hampshire reviewed the hb 480 bill, the purpose of which is the legalization of ground and online rates, as well as mobile versions of betting resources. As part of the state lottery commission, a new department will be created, in which the monitoring of sports betting will be.

The commission will solve how the control mechanism will be carried out. It is significant that, unlike many states, which are studying the possibility of legalization of sports betting, in new hampshire there are no ground gambling establishments.

Thus, according to the bill, the points of receiving bids for sports may appear on the streets of new hampshire. This is not practiced even in nevada. Although, until a certain point in pubs and bars, the nevada established automatic kiosks, with which it was possible to carry out rates, mobile betting resources were supplied.

Each settlement of the staff to install rates will be to approve this decision through a referendum. Nevertheless, no one of the municipalities engaged in gambling will not be allowed to interfere with online operations related to sports rates in the state.

Sport competition rates with the participation of state student teams will not be accepted. Customers of bookmakers can only be adults.

If the commissioning decides to take the bookmaker under its own control, funds will be allocated for the needs needs, as well as staff staff. If the staff decides that control will be carried out through the bookmake agent, 10% of the rates from betting will be allocated for responsible gambling programs.

The law provides that before july 1, settlements should approve the bill and before january 1, 2020, the bookmaking agent should be selected.

Although ground gambling institutions are prohibited in new hampshire, he is part of the six states who have implemented the online lottery.

Recall that the us players spent about $ 116.9 billion in 2016, and it is expected than figure will continue to grow, because adult use with a high level of income are increasingly fond of gambling.

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