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January 30, 2023
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Full rules of the exhibition battle maweather against tennin natsukawa were known as part of the festive event rizin ff on december 31.

Content: 1. Floyd maeweser rides japan for money2. Maeweser will never fight mma3 rules. Statistics of the last fighting maevezer

Floyd maevezer rides japan for money

After maeweser made a statement that the japanese organizers misled him, submitting him a fight against tensin natsukava as a debut in mma, the fight was under the threat of a breakdown. But in the end, rizin ff thought and accepted the conditions of the american boxer.

As expected, no debut in mixed martial arts speech is not. The meeting will be held according to the rules of boxing, three rounds will last, and the judges will not announce the winner and this will not affect the statistics of athletes.

In other words, it will really be an exhibition battle in full contact, where floyd maeveter will be released the main winner who will receive a decent amount in 9 minutes.

«I like to compete with fighters from all the strata of society, as in my amateur days. All thing in entertainment. Nine minutes of entertainment. It will be awesome. I am engaged in entertainment business. This is what i’m going to do and what i love. I work to arrange a show for three rounds», – so evaluates the upcoming boxer event.

The rival of american tensin natsukava claims that it is an honor for him to face floyd. According to him, he wants an impression, as not one of the japanese athletes has come across maeveter.

The japanese is diligently prepared for battle with floyd:

????緊急 中継????# 那 須 天 心 vs # メイウェザー
記者 会見 in ラスベガス

大 晦 大 一番 の の ため
本 場 アメリカ で ボクシング ​​に に 励む 天 心 (@teppenenshin) と メイウェザー が 緊急 会見&公開 練習 を 実施!

2 人 は 何 を 語る の か?
メイウェザー は 本当 に 現れる の か? #vs 那 須 川 天心
予測 能 能 な 中継
日日 あさ 7: 30 ▼

— [email protected] 今日 の 番組 表 から (@abematv)
december 6, 2018.

Maeveser will never fight mma rules

Also floyd forever stopped informational speculations on his fights according to the rules of mixed martial arts. According to the athlete, he – the face of sports martial arts, it does not matter, boxing is o mma. However, he is first of all a boxer and will not go to octave. If someone from another sport wants to fight with pretty boy, he will have to take his rules. This also applies to the fight with habib nurmagomedov. At the same time, floyd claims that he is very simple to this: if the battle occurs, it will happen, and if not, he will still have a great life.

Statistics of the last fighting maevezer

Date of



August 26, 2017

Conor mcgregor

Victory knockout

September 12, 2015

Andre berto

Winning by judges

May 2, 2015

Manny pacquiao

Winning by judges

September 13, 2014

Mark maidana

Winning by judges

May 3, 2014

Mark maidana

Winning by judges

Also, the boxer stressed that he officially finished his career and now it only plans to make money. Theraefore, the upcoming meeting in japan is solely indicative and will be held according to its scenario.

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