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August 3, 2022
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New rules in the uk

Commission on gambling announced a new manual for operators so that they stop abusing the so-called vip schemes. The commission statedt that if this guide would be observed, then in the future there should be no irresponsible stimulation of high-length customers.

As part of the work of the consumer rights, the regulatory of consumer rights, the regulatory authority made the consideration of these schemes priority after saw repeated cases of failure to protect valuable customers.

The commission identified the vip schemes as an area for change and called on the industry to revise its behavior at the beginning of this year, pushing them to work together to solve this problem with the help of a sectoral code of behavior.

After extensive consultations, all operators will now have to follow new recommendations for the subject of "high value" to consumers of individual bonuses, gifts, hospitality and preferential service from the operator.

Before any operator will make a vip-person client, since october 31, it should:

  • Establish that expenses are affordable and resistant, and also belong to part of the client leisure.
  • Estimate whether there is evidence of harm associated with gambling, or increased risk associated with vulnerability
  • Make sure that the licensee has up-to-date evidence relating to the personality, the kind of classes and the source of funding;
  • Continue checking the information provided by the client and conduct permanent damage to gambling for each person to detect any signs of harm.

New guide also means that the operators will assign a senior executive director with a senior management license (pmls) to supervise their respective schemes, which makes individuals personally accountable.

Neal macarthur, executive director of commission on gambling, said: "we have introduced these new rules to eradicate the negligence in the management of" vip "customers and make gambling safer. Our law enforcement work revealed too many cases of unlawful behavior when managing vip-schemes, and this is the last chance for operators to show that the can control such schemes properly.

We understand that the number of customers subscribed to the "vip" scheme has already decreased by 70% since we have challenged the industry to bring it in order last year. Although this is a sign of the positive impact of our innovative approach to working together, these new rules are designed to ensure further progress in protecting vulnerable customers.

Operators can not doubt our expects. If we do not achieve significant improvements, we will not have a different choice, except to take further measures and prohibit such schemes. These new rules are part of the commission of the commission on the tightening of law enforcement, which also led to the introduction of strengthened protection against online age and verification of the individual, improving the practice of interaction with customers and a ban on credit card gambling."

In the coming weeks, the commission will begin consulting customer cooperation, which will include an assessment of the availability and the adoption of early preventive and reactive measures in the presment of risk indicators. He will soon respond to a consultation on the safe design of online games.

Source: official website of commission on gambling in the british.

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