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July 26, 2022
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Russian fan fifa 21 formed a petition to establish a server for playing in fifa ultimate team. The document appeared at the end of april and at the moment gathered almost 2000 signatures. In appeal, the author expressed his point of view about this situation. Further fresh erects in material.

New Servers for FIFA, Cyberpolygon Opening and Share CS: GO FAN

«I am a fan of the fifa game line from ea sports, escecily the ultimate team mode. But for russian gamers online regimes cause discomfort due to high breaks when connecting with foreign players who live near the electronic arts data centers – residents of north and western europe. There are eight data centers on their territory, whereas in russia – no one.

We understand that the introduction of a new data server – financial and other expenses, but imbalance in the onlinean players, difficulties with a response of the keys of the speed of the gameplay and the keys of the gameplay, violates the impresion of the gameplay, violates the concept of an honest and fair game towards the gamers from the russian federation, and also forces tink about whether it is worth buying a gaming product for a new season or save finances and nerves».

Also, the author appealed to roskomnadzor and received the answer that there are no obstacles to the country of data center.

At the same time, in russia, the direction of cybersports and cybersecurity is actively developing. Previously, from open sources, it became known in siberia opened on the basis of sibguchi, asted by the basis of sibguchi, asted by the rector of the university of telecommunications and informatics bari khairov. According to vice-prime minister dmitry chernyshenko, cyberpolyagon is in moscow, as well as in the far eastern federal university (russian island) and scientific technology university «sirius» (sochi). In the future, they will appear in st. Petersburg and other cities of the country. And in 2021, in the first five polygons, cybersecurity exercises are going to conduct.

«Purpose of cyberpolygon – teach schoolchildren, students and young professionals. We we were entrusted with the the first in siberia to engage in reserch work, create and implement innovative projects in the field of communications, digital technologies, information security, work out practical skills», – said hairov.

The project for the formation of a national cyberpolygon was founded at the end of the 2019 in order to increase the preparedness of the country and russian organizations from the main sectors of the economy to reflect the cyber and strengthening of state security in the digital field. Also on the basis of the landfill will basis of the landfill will be held compettions in cybersport.

Such news is likely to please the gamers of russia, because the concentration of players in the russian federation is quite high. For example, each million inhabitants of the country accounts for over 21.7 thouusand. Fans of cs: go, in the shooter plays every 46th country citizen. This is talking abyt the study of the analytical site leetify.

For Each Million Inhabitants of The Country Accounts for Over 21.7 Thousand Fans of Cs: Go

Source: leetify.Com

In the number of gamers and the common population is denmark, where 79 thouusand accounts for 1 million inhabitants. Cs: go lovers, then go estonia (77 thousand.) and finland (76 thouusand.), latvia also entered the top five (58 thousand.) and lithuania (55 thousand.). Russia on indicator is located on the 15th line.

It was previously known that 11.65% of all cs: go gamers live in russia, which is the highest ratio among all states. The second position is located in the usa – 10.66%, and the number of representatives of the remaining countries does not exceed 6%.

11.65% Of All CS: GO Gamers Live in Russia

Source: leetify.Com

Recall that earlier we wrote about the network of servers for cs: go – cybershoke.

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