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June 10, 2022
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New Slot From Play'n Go Diamonds of the Realm

Play’n go returns to camelot in his last release, diamonds of the realm, butt, despite the beautiful "arturovskaya" schedule and an exciting gameplay, this is the main achievement in sound that sounds in the ears.

Charlotte miliciano, head of games department, play’n go

We are very proud of our games and do not worry about it. We make every effort to create premium games with a beautiful design and an exciting gameplay, which players from all over the world continue to return to play again and again.
Often really exciting elements of new games, such as a breakthrough in sound, do not necessarily get due attention, and diamonds of the realm firmly falls into this category.

Play’n go serial slots.

We strive to become the best supplier of games. And not only separate game features highlight our games from the total mass. Rich narrative, memorable characters, bright charts and the best sound in the industry – all this is laid in dna play’n go.
Take, for example, our series of dead. Since the time of loud hit "rich wilde" and "dead book" players already have an itea of how "dead" should look and sound and how to play it. This is the balance of innovation to maintain the interest of players, but acquaintance and consistency are key in creating a reliable series of games that are looking for players, because they knowing.
This is also visible in popularity of our series of arthur games, and we think that diamonds of the realm is a fantastic new addition to the already strong line of games.
Continuing the successful series "green knight" and "sword and graail", this continuation of the latter is equally, if not more exciting. Diamonds of the realm – even more opportunities for (round) table; from the first rotation, the players will feel that it does not seem like what they heard before.
But we still took care that intended a common sound topic, which players will learn and appreciate.

The importance of sound.

We know than many players play slots worthout sound while listening to spotify.
But we believe that this is mainly because many games presented today on not give the sound. What a pity.
Especially if you consider how important the sound is for day, not to mention the exciting impressions, such as the gameplay.
We have always paid a lot of attention to the sound in our games – we are always in stereo and in high quality. We treat this seriously, and our team on sound heads the composer with classical education to prove it.
Our games should also go muffled – and believe me, they do it – but we do our best to attract more players.
Diamonds of the realm presents some of our most ambitious musical works today, especially music during free spins. It made to order a musical work with the participation of a relative-known soloist, executing words written by one of our very talented authors.

Source: official play’n go website

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