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August 25, 2022
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The Paying Piano Club

Play’n go introduced a new piano club paying slot!

Paying piano club is a 3 × 3 slot machine that recalls those times when people returned from difficult days in search and listened to the cheerful melody on pianola.

While 5 × 3 mainly replaced the classic drum 3 × 3 as a typical grid size, play’n go still finds a wide audience for its games 3 × 3. This is the format of their popular series of joker games with such names as fire jokermystery joker 6000 and sticky joker.

Indeed, it seems that regardless of the size of the grid that the player prefers, there is something for every taste in play’n go.

Possessing a light sound, the theme of the game will definitely find a response from the american public, becoming an integral part of their past; what is a wise step by the supplier, as they seek to bring their brand entertainment to the american shores, following the latest changes in the market.

As a game, the paying piano club is a simple slot with unlimited multipliers and free rotations that will definitely like the players.

Cpo martin zettergren believes that there is still a place for simple games on today’s gaming machines market, and it is important to save it a variety for your audience:

"Sometimes players just need more traditional slot machines, so our drums 3 × 3 are so popular.
We give them non-lawyer appearance, but combine it with modern functions and visual effects to provide them with an updated version of the classical product of the industry. ".

Paying piano club from today is available in several markets!

Source: official play’n go website

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