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March 10, 2022
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New Year in Macau

Macau government tourism management (mgto) has published official visitors from december 31 to january 3. The number of coming in macau for the new year daily figure for christmas daily figure for christmas.

According to the government of macau (mgto), the average daily number of arriving visitors from december 31 to january 3 was 21,242 people.

Mgto also showed that the average daytime number of visitors registered in the "new year’s" break is 13.3% less compared to the "christmas" season (from december 23 to december 27, inclusive) – and by 1% compared to the average day arrival visitors for the full deceptors.

According to data, 92.4% of macau visitors on average from december 31 to january 3, or 19,629 people per day, were from mainland china.

The average occupancy rate of macau hotels, including guest houses, during this period reached 67.2%.

The average expiration of the three-four and five-star hotels in macau for the reporting period was 73 percenta, 69.9 percent and 67.6 percent, respectively.

The average cost of the room in hotels and guest houses macau, charged during the new year holidays, was 1,127.6 patac macau (141.2 us dollars).

The average price per night for three-star hotels during the holidays was 694.2 patac macau, while for five star hotels, it was 1,447.7 patac macau, and for four-star hotels – 701.1 pataka.

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