New Zealand Has Developed A New Code Of Rules For Advertising

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February 11, 2022
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New zealand advertising standards (asa) published a new set of rules for advertising gambling in the country, paying special attention to the protection of children, youth and other vulnerable persons from harm associated with gembling.

New Zealand Has Developed A New Code of Rules for Advertising

The new code applies to advertising gambling products and a casino, as well as rates on racing and sporting events.

It was developed by the asa committee with the participation of advertisers, agencies, representatives of media company, state bodies, as well as taking into account consultations with industry representatives and the public sector. Updated rules will enter into force on august 5, 2019. Until november 4, all gembling operators need to bring their advertising campaigns in line with new rules.

«Update and control over the execution of rules is an important part of the work of asa, and it would be great to have a new advertising code for gambling to support responsible advertising», – noted by the executive director of asa hilary souther.

The code establishes that all gambling marketing campaigns shold be created with a high level of social responsibility both in front of consumers and the society as a whole. No gembling advertising should be aimed at children under 14 years or young people under the age of 18.

Thus, the operators must ensure that their advertising contains content, which can be attractive for young people, it should be taken into account both the time and place of advertising, so that children cannot see her.

The code also states that advertising gambling should not depict or represent anything than can justify harm from gambling. Thus, the marketing campaign should not demonstrate to people that gembling is a tool for improving their financial position.

Advertising should not distort the level of financial risk associated with gambling, indicate the promise of winning or demonstrate the unreal prize size.

In this regard, one of the sections of the code establishes, – operators must ensure that advertising cannot be misleading, deceive or confuse the client due to lack of knowledge. This provision covers all aspects, ranging from inaccuracies and ambiguity to exaggerations, unrealistic statements and false representation.

Earlier it became known that the swedish state operator svenska spel completely refused to advertise online casino.

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