New regulations aim to cap bets at €10 and winnings at €3,000

Liam O’Sullivan
June 20, 2024
New regulations aim to cap bets at €10 and winnings at €3,000

New gambling regulations in the Republic of Ireland might drive punters north to Northern Ireland, an online betting lottery operator has warned. The proposed legislation in the Republic aims to cap bets at €10 and winnings at €3,000, whereas Northern Ireland’s gambling rules are far less restrictive.

Recent research for Lottoland found that nearly three-quarters of daily gamblers in the south would seek alternative betting options if these stricter measures, including the potential introduction of caps, are enacted.

Mike Kirwan, vice-president of Lottoland UK and Ireland, stated, “The new measures seem likely to undermine the goal of harm prevention in the new Gambling Regulation Bill and will only lead to an increase in black-market gambling, with punters heading to Northern Ireland to avoid the win caps.”

Kirwan emphasised that Lottoland, which holds licences in the UK, Italy, Germany, Gibraltar, and Malta, and is regulated by the Irish Government, supports the principle of harm reduction underpinning the new Bill. “We have long called for greater regulatory oversight in this sector,” he said. “But we believe, supported by this research, that these arbitrary stake and win caps will fail to address problem gambling.”

Under the proposed measures in the Dáil’s new Gambling Regulation Bill, significant changes are planned for punters, bingo players, and occasional bettors, strictly limiting the amounts they can stake and win on any given bet.

The government seeks to cap individual bet amounts at €10 and winnings at €3,000. The bill also includes measures to control advertising, app, and online casinos in Ireland. This comprehensive overhaul will fundamentally impact how people engage with lotteries, bingo, and sports betting, regardless of whether they gamble responsibly.

Research by Ireland Thinks for Lottoland found that 71% of daily gamblers in Ireland would look for alternative betting options if these strict measures are introduced. Additionally, 60% of surveyed consumers either disagreed with or were unsure about the introduction of caps.

Mr Kirwan added, “We urge the Minister, the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General to reconsider these measures, which will likely backfire and have the unintended consequence of driving the most vulnerable outside the remit of the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland (GRAI) and into the hands of potentially black-market, unregulated providers.”

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