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June 14, 2022
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Russian midfielder alexey miranchuk goes into «atalanta», this was officially announced in moscow «locomotive». The first information on the transfers has already appeared on the website of the moscow club, and the football player himself has already said goodbye to the fans: alexey turned to fans immediately after the match with «zenit».

Next -'Atalanta': Alexey Miranschuk may take place or

Football manschuk preferred «atalanta» golden cage «lokomotiva» and even offer «milan»

Last match for alexey miranschuk in the composition «lokomotiva» stated s «zenit», after which midfielder and said goodbye to muscovites.

Miranschuk will start training in the team from bergamo after passing the medical examination. It is known that the purchase of russians cost the italians at 14.5 million euros, and the contract between the parties is designed for five years. It is expected that a 24-year-old midfielder will receive 2 million euros per year.

In general, the transfer of alexey miranschuk caused positive responses and many congratoulations and wishes of good luck in the new club. The only controversial issue was the price for which «atalanta» bought a football player. Former trainer spoke on this «loco» yuri semin, who called 14 million euros the minimum amount for which miranschuk could be purchased. The specialist reminded that another russian talent alexander golovin went to «monaco» for 30 million. This confirms the incompetence of managers «lokomotiva» in a situation with alexey.

Satisfied with the transition of miranschuk in a series a actually everything, starting from the coach of the stanislav cherchesov and general director «loco» vasily kikannadze and ending wit yuri dudu and former teammates.

In an interesting form, the transfer was commented and in the national team, remembering the cult goal of alexei mirachuk to the gate «juventus» as part of the champions league.

Many surprised the fact that alexey made a choice in favor «atalants», while the interest proceeded from «milan». Last season, the club from bergamo finished third in the series a, losing «inteer» final duel for «silver» championship. It im impossible not to note the excellent performance of hasperininix’s wards in the champons league: the team managed to reach the stage of the quarterfinal: there «atalanta» lost with a score of 1: 2 future finalist – psg.

Many Surprised The Fact That Alexey Made A Choice In Favor Of'Atalants'

In a separate material, we disassembled the potential transition of miranschuk in «juventus».

In the new team, alexey miranchuk may take place or ichchicha: in la gazetta dello sport reported that the leader of the italian club attack is experiency a difficult psychological period. Moreover, the journalists found out that the psychotherapist of the football player leans towards the nearest completion of the career or. At the same time, it it also known that the midfielder has already returned to italy and feels much better.

Some experts also considered the option with the sale of ruslan malinovsky, the pace of which could take miranschuk. However, the ukrainian said that in the near future «atalanta» does not plan to sell players, and the club is unprofitable to interrupt their cooperation. It should be noted that in the framework of the last matches of the gasperini team in the series and malinovsky several times recognized as the best player.

So fans remain await the next tactical masterpiece from hasperini, who is unlikely to allow alexey miranschuk to spend a lot of time on the bench.

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