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April 1, 2022
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Until the end of the transfer window remained less than a week, and nymar’s fate remained unresolved. But «barcelona» prepared a proposal from which psg is difficult to refuse, the brazilian also did not stay aside and put out ultimatum.


Psg has no options – we must give nimarara

This summer turned out to be rich for events: eden azar finally left «chelsea» and left b «real», couthnyo went to «bavaria», de liga took in «juventus», joão felisha – in «atletico» madrid. And for each other transition there are tens of millions of euros and high attention of the entire football public. But there is one person whose transfer was discussed before the start of summer, but still not embodied.

Speech, of course, about the care of neimar from psg. Experiment worth b €222 million can be confidently recognized as unsuccessful. The brazilian was supposed to help the parisians become the best club in europe and win the champions league and she had to bring himself to her «golden ball». But both sides remained without the desired.

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Maquinaaaa… Es un honor pra mi hacer parte de tu historia en el fútbol y haber tenido momentos increíbles contigo. Muchas gracias por todo que hizo por el fútbol, tu magia estará por toda eternidade!! Gran abrazo leyenda ???????? @xavi

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Of course, the attacker was the first guy on the village and highlights with his strokes and goals entered the selection of many football bloggers. But prizes so far won not views and husky, unfortunately for neimar. Forward realized this and wanted to return during the time when he was considered one of the best players and no matter how strong the shadow of messi is.

That’s just who will pay crazy money for the brazilian? Only psg with sheikh financing. Theraefore, various ideas with exchanges, rental and other. At some point there was a feeling that the metropolitan club abandoned the idea of ​​selling.

We wrote more about this in a separate material.

But the injuries of mbappe and kavani intervened. Neymar, according to media, put up an ultimatum – «i want only to barcelona». Most likely, it led to the acceleration of negotiations with «sine-pomegranate». And those made a worthy sentence. It will be exchange with surcharge. In paris, will be talented, but the waywards to usman dembel. The guy even removed the name of the same happened before leaving «borussia»).

Efectivamente, dembélé ha quitado barcelona de su bio en instagram ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / gug5lfw5ww

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august 26, 2019.

Indition, the sport edition.Es reported that money for the brazilian will be held two tranches: part this season and part – in the following. Dembel talented creative football player who is well acquainted with mbappe in the french team and can seriously strengthen the game. Indition, the tuchel already worked with him in «borussia» and declared the desire to see him in psg.

And fans «blurranas» already frozen waiting for the return of neimar.

i’m coming home …????❤ pic.Twitter.Com / bdlpb6bwg5

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28 august 2019.

We previous wrote that «krasnodar» sprinkled with champions league.

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