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August 4, 2022
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Despite the advantages that gambling, visitors always have a chance to win money. But to win constantly – this is a completely different story. Nick dundolos survived 73 take-off for his life – he became a millionaire so many times, and after losing everything. Many casinos were always happy about his visit, even if parted with impressive sums. A real gentleman in gambling entertainment, nickname was the best advertisement for any institution of the 20th century.

Namenikos nandolos
nickname nick greek
date of birth april 27, 1883
place of birth rethymnon, greece
date of death december 25, 1966
a place of death gardin, california, usa

Early years

Greek was born in a wealthy family – his parents were engaged in trade. The young man without any problems received a degree in philosophy in the evangelical school of smirns. The godfather of a young man provided him in 18 years the opportunity to go to the us. For the expenses of niku every week was allocated $ 150.

Immigrant first settled in chicago. Here he lived for several years, regularly changing the work. Relatives hoped that money and the experience gained would allow niku in the future to become a businessman. The young man in search of new adventures went to montreal, where for the first time was involved in gambling. From this point on, the fate of the greek was predetermined.

Hand in hand

At the beginning of the 20th century, horse races were very popular in montreal. When the greek first hit the racetrack, he felt an unprecedented tide of adrenaline. At time, relatives continued to send him a manual that was now used for rates.

Soon the frequent guest of the hippodrome became acquainted with the professional canadian jockey filler masgrave. The latter helped to spit into the basics and features of racing. Nicknamed nicknamed mathematics since the school desk, which allowed him to calculate the approximate probability of winning.

For 1 year, greek earned $ 500 thousand at the races.

A series of winnings alarmed fila masgrav. Jockey was frightened that his reputation would suffer and offered the greek to break. The latter did not want to throw gambling, but not to disturb his comrade, returned back to the us. The hippodrome in montreal changed numerous casinos. Immigrant managed to visit illinois, new orleans and nevada.

Horse racing forever took the first place in the gambling hierarchy nick nick dandoldos. The rest of the entertainment were distributed as followows: bones, roulette, cards.

Acquaintance with einstein

Greek’s reputation was flawless. He was perceed as an honest and talented player. Shortly before end of world war ii with nicos dundolos, an employee of the us state department contacted. The caller asked to draw up a company to poker "little al from jersey". When nick made a remark that in new york gambling is prohibited, the civil service alloded to close his eyes to the the law for albert einstein.

Subsequently, greek several times accompanied the scientist during his visits to las vegas. Among the players on this occasion is the following legend. When nick, together with einstein, was near the roulette, the latter stated that it was impossible to win it. Nick immediately proved the opposite. He exchanged a few thousand on the chips and put everything three times on the red. Professional player sniffedly grinned before scientist, cashing win.

Cigars – the second large passion of nick greek, after gambling

Series failure

Greekiss preferred to play in large, if the financial situation allowed. Since his excitement was not equal, the casino frequenter could smear $ 500 thousand overnight. Nickname threw a challenge to fate – he liked to lose to rose again from scratch.

Duel with johnny moss

According to rumors, in 1949 benni binione organized a tournament for two participants. He invited nick nick dandolos and johnny moss to determine the best poker player. The confrontation was delayed for 5 monhs. When greek lost more than $ 2 million, he uttered one of the most famous phrases:

"Mr. Moss, i have to let you go ".

Many are convinced that this hedz-ap inspired bennion biniona to create a global poker series. Others argue that the competition between nick dundolos and johnny moss never had.

Victim of deception

Among famous rivals of the greek also remember ray ryan. In 1949, players for 15 days were in the flamingo and thunderbird casino, until both wanted to stop. By this point, the nickname plin more thank $ 500 thousand.

"Casino does not defeat the player. It only makes it possible to beat yourself, "nick dundolos.

The loser began to analyze the contest to disassemble the errs. Later nickname came to the conclusion that his rival zhulnichl. Ray hired a man who was located on the roof of the neighboring building, spying into the cards and transferred information by radio.

To return the money, greek appealed to gangsters. He was well acquainted with marshall kaifano – a member of the chicago mafia, so i asked him to track down a cheater and slightly beat. In 1964 gangster arrested, and ray ryan made a court as one of the witnesses. However, the involvement of nikos dandolos to this crime was never proved.

Real player

Closer to the end of his life nickname. He did not have a pair of thousands that could easily lose. Despite poverty, the amateur of azart continued to enjoy the casino atmosphere in limit poker – the maximum rate was limited to $ 5.

For his life, greek donated more than 20 million for charity

Nick died on december 25, 1966. In 1978 he was posthumously included in the poker glory hall.

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