Nikolay Komlichenko Zaluh In Dynamo: Now All Hope For Rent In Rostov

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July 29, 2022
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Due to the unbearable comlichenko in the russian national team, the fans were angry at stanislav cherchesov, in two years no one has no more questions to the coach, because striker seriously passed «dynamo». Rent b «rostov» – good chance for still young football player.

Nikolay Komlichenko Zaluh in Dynamo: Now all hope for rent in Rostov

Photo source: ria novosti / ramil citdikov

Nikolay komlichenko: the footballer shared expectations from the transition

Two years ago nikolay komlichenko made talking about himself all fans of russian football. The reason was in his crazy performance in the czech championship. Speaking for not the best championship football club «mlada boleslav», russian was distinguished by a babble goal almost every match. Following the season 2018/2019, he scored 29 goals in 33 matches, which allowed him to become the best championship scorer.

On the wave of these success, the fans and journalists have collapsed with criticism of the head coach of the russian national team stanislav cherchesov, who stubbornly refused to call a football player to the national team during the qualifying cycle on the euro. As a result, stanislav salamovich did not stand out and gave comlichenko to play in several games, releasing him to replace. For three games striker distinguished himself once.

Nikolay Komlichenko

Source: instagram.Com / nkomlichenko

After such a successful season, it seemed that the transition to the european top league – only a matter of time, but instead in january 2020, sports ribbons of sports publications filled reports that nikolai signed an agreement with «dynamo» for 4.5 years. This in particular looked strange against the background of the player’s statements, that he wants to achieve success in europe. In «dynamo» forward did not work at all. For 1.5 seasons and 24 games for the club he distinguished himself only six scored goals. In comparison with his previous successes in the czech republic – this is a catastrophe. No calls in the national team did not have to be spent, but the fans of the fans were remembered increasingly in a negative key, the point is calling «breed».

In Dynamo, the striker did not work at all

Source: instagram.Com / nkomlichenko

Today it became known that comlichenko moved to «rostov» for rental rights with the right of redemption, information about it appeared on the club’s official website.

Comlichenko moved to Rostov

Source: fc-rostov.Ru

Now for komlichenko, it is a chance to restart your career and prove that he has written off their bills early. Valery karpin is famous for which the approach to players can find, so hope is that it will work with nikolai. In your direct speech on the site «rostov» forward shared experations from moving. He named «rostov» a club with a good organization and admitted that he wanted to play under the leadership of valery karpin, whom he considers one of the best russian coaches. I want to believe that in the new season, komlichenko will return his head flair and proves that it ranked early «shot down by pilots».

Recall that «dynamo» finished the season 2020/2021 in the rpl at the seventh place, and «rostov» on tenth.

Earlier we published an updated table of uefa coefficients.

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