Nimari’S Career Will Go Up, If He Replaces The Psg On The Club Level Above

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April 15, 2022
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After long negotiations, neymar decided to stay in psg. Guide went to meet and forward himself began to show excellent results. It would seem that everything wills improved, but the football will not be able to play for a long time would to play for a long time would would to possibility of growth.

Nimari's Career Will Go Up, If He Replaces The PSG On The Club Level Above

Which team neymar shold be to become the fist in the world

Neymar junior began to grow in price and interest all the top clubs of europe after the transition to «barcelona». After several successful seasons, psg offered excellent conditions. A year later, it is safe to say not everything went according to plan, and for all three sides: «sine-grenadey», neymar i «paris saint-germain».

In a sepaate material, we wrote about the methods and approches of thomas tuchiel to the returned neymar.

For the football player, only money was a positive factor. Among the public is popular with the opinion that nimaru is worth leaving at the first opportunity, despite improved relations with the club, sheikh and even with kilian mbappe.

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The reason is that in league 1 it is difficult to declare yourself to go to the level of ronaldo and messi. To fight for «golden ball», brazilian dreams about, it is worth accepting an offer «real» or insisted on returning to «barcelona».

In a separate article, we analyzed the possible transfer of the fields in madrid «real».

According to the former striker catalan club rivaldo, if «creamy» seriously ready to sign a brazilian, he will not give up the proposal of the team of this level. Undoubtedly, it would be a reason for the heating from the catalan fans. But, as the world champion noted, her – pro, so he is forced to sacrifice something better and better.

Earlier, we wrote that messi in the summer seriously thought that neymar would pass into the camp of a principled rival.

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