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April 22, 2022
14 minutes

One of the key success factors of any ground casino and the online playground is the quality of the advertising campaign and pr. In the conditions of the rapid development of communications, the attention of a potential client acquires special importance. Your experience in this area with the editors of gamblingread.Com shared a professional in the field of promotion and marketing in the gambling business of lavrentin gubin.

– hello, lawrence. Tell our readers more about what you do?

– i am engaged in progress in gambling business: public relations, government, marketing, advertising and social programs.

– howl long have been working in the gembling industry? What steps you started?

– i work since 2004. I started as an account manager in the advertising agency, which was then in one major gambling holding, whose central office later moved as a pr manager. After a couple of years he headed the company’s public relass service.

– how usually your working day?

– if i plan to work at the computer, then as usual. There are days when you work at the event, promotions, perform at the conference. Yes a lot of things – there is always everything in different ways.

– why did you choose exactly the marketing?

– i chose pr, but at some point my experience and knowledge was enough to ensure business proper marketing strategy and tactics. This required a person in the company for this role. I trid to combine marketing and pr – it turned out in my opinion even better than when these destinations manage different people.

– looking at the experience of your work, the question involuntarily arises – how from the retail sphere you switched to gembling?

– not certainly in that way. I went from gambling forced to retail – when all casinos were created in russia in 2009 and created gambling zones. Having worked in a team of one of the largest retail operators of russia for two years, i realized that gambling business and everything connected with him – hotels, restaurants, clubs, tourism is mine, and in retail it is bored. At this time, just launched the project of shangri la in tbilisi, and i returned to the gambling business.

– whether experience is useful from retail in the gambling world?

– these are two diametrically opposite worlds in the field of business. Network retail provides the population to allonesry for their daily life, and casino exist for entertainment of wealthy people. Completely different storm in all. But the experience that has retail in the plan of work, analysis and traffic accounting, both physical and virtual – is invaluable for almost any business, especially working with ground objects.

– remember whether your first major gembling project that you promoted? What difficulties i had to come up then?

– it was an entertainment complex with casino "jazz town" at moscow taganskaya square, 2005. We then organized a concert of band earth, wind and fire in the full original composition – two concerts in the kremlin palace. Still it is probably the best concert on which i had to visit. Difficulties arose a lot, as there were little experience. But the impressions of everything were just enchanting: press concerences with western stars, concerts, after-party, casino, clubs ..

– lawrence, you were a speaker at kyiv gaming affiliate conference, georgia gambling conference, russian gaming week and many others. Tell us what to perform in front of the public? How often are you called to read a report on some topic?

– periodically call. I try to make reports such to convey the public new information, new thoughts odeas. I drive a lot of service to conference, and iisson have to listen to uninteresting, focused only on the promotion of your product or yourself. But when a person burns, burning his business, telling something new – this remains as a positive result from visiting the event in all delegates. Theraefore, i try to make reports interesting to the public, and i myself, of course, but the promotion of products – in this case, the natural result is not necessary to protrude.

Lavrenty gubin on kyiv igaming affiliate conference 2019

– at the rgw 2015, you said that a foreigner is employed in gambling business easier in georgia than, for example, in belarus. Whether the situation has changed since?

– then it was about the requierments for work permits. Now the situation in belarus has not been monitored. But there are no problems in georgia in this regard.

– how easy it is a marketer in gambling business to work out abroad?

– novice specialists prefer to hire on the ground. A man with a good experience everywhere will find a job. Now, of course, while half of busineses in the "land" are closed, work is more different to find work, but, online to find work, but. I know that the specialists are looking for and ready to transport, including europe.

– in which countries, in your opinion, the most favorable conditions for the work of the gambling marketer are now created? Where most of all pay?

– most paid online casino marketers. They are now the greatest demand. Geography is completely different, but for our part of the world – this is europe, including ukraine, since there is now actively developing everything, new companies are opening.

– in your opinion, what the greatest difficulty in the work of the parashka in the field of gambling business?

– the fact that your result has no direct financial reflection, as to a certain extent depends on luck, chance, because the casino, it happens, also loses. Also for someone may be relevant ethical component, but for myself i closed this question.

– what do you think, the gambling industry is attractive today for marketers? What specialties are most in demand?

– digital, seo, smm, direct marketing, direct pr, crm specialists.

– what advice would you give to those people who want to start a career in the marketing of gembling projects?

– teach languages, content production technology, as well as probability theory, philosophy and psychology.

– you worked as a press secretary of the network operator casino shangri la. Tell us what tasks you performed there?

– i was so called for representatives of the press, but in general i was a director of public relass. He was engaged in press and new media, events, content, participation in conferences, relationships with power, social programs and charity.

Casino shangri la in tbilisi

– for casino shangri la you organized an advertisement on iranian television. Azart, advertising, muslim country … How did it manage to implement? What was the result of the events? Will iranians start visiting shangri la?

– we were the first at all, who managed to organize an advertising campaign for a casino on the local satellite television. The fact is that the satellite is watching almost everything, but broadcasting is either from europe or from turkey. At first, it was possible to negotiate with one channel about the advertising of the yerevan hotel and entertainment complex, which includes a casino. Went everything went smoothly, agreed and the second largest channel to advertise already shangri la tbilisi.

The effect was excellent. Shangri la firmly fixed in the iranian information space as a brand of a good casino. We got traffic from iran. All of novruz, when on the persians travel the most.

– what you change if you have to go to the middle east? How commensurate costs and income from these markets, if compared with europe?

Commensurate. Middle east and asian region – very good sources of large players for many markets.

– if we talk about shangri la tbilisi, then thanks to your work, the average attendance has grown from 30-50 people to 400-700 people. You can "raise" any casino? For which project will never take?

– a lot depends on location and the institution itself. If the casino is poorly located, it takes a long time and inconvenient to get, there is nothing around anymore – this project will not extend any marketing. The level of service is also very important. In the case of shangri la, no miracles needed – it was necessary only to do everything nessary for the mind, as well as get rid of the extra. Plus, not only location, service, marketing and pr determine the success of the casino, but also the work of the so-called dzhanket managers.

– what’s the main skills you have acquired over the years of work in the casino shangri la?

– a lot of them. From a novice specialist in this company i am doros to a high class professional. The most important – look at the numbers and not to build illusions.

– describe the average client of the ground casino. What is its income level, social situation, floor, average age?

– this is a person with income above average, 40+, many social issues have long been solved, the receipt of income does not require considerable effort and a lot of time, almost all trid and know much. They lack sharp impressions and, most importantly, azart.

– what is the ratio of men and women among the target audience of ground casinos? In your opinion, men and women are equally excited?

– 75/25, probably.

– what marketing tools are most effective in promoting terrestrial ignorative institutions offline and on the internet?

– location, signboard, if part of the hotel – mutual promotion, advertising on site, website, google and direct, social network. Most importantly – positive reviews and recommendations of players.

– what is the specificity of online casino promotion? What are the main differences you would have been allocated from land establishments?

– the main difference is all your marketing digitized. There are no those who came from the street and said: "and i just passed by". But competition is crazy, there are no such factors advantage as location. The brand plays a much larger role.

– how many specialists need to be used to promote online casino? Who do what tasks do?

– for one terrestrial casino, one person is enough, the maximum of two. In the case of an online project, it all depends on the scale and markets, but this is usally at least ten people – head, affiliate manager (specialist in working with clients of affiliate programs -. Red.), media purchases, seo, smm, designer, crm, support – a few more people ..

– if we talk about the cis market, on average for what period of time online casino pays for all investments invested in it?

– it all depends on what is the project and in what jurisdiction. Possible for 10 thouusand. Casino dollars make and repel invest in three days. On the other hand, for example, major georgian online operators were not so long sold for dozens and hundreds of millions of dollars worth with a period of payback in five to seven years.

– what wats to attract the audience online casino are most effective, in your opinion?

– now there is now a real war for the client, and in the sphere of gembling especially. It is difficult to allocate something most effective. Bans are expanding, and the number of operators is growing. Here is the main thing, i tink to work on the formation of the brand and confidence in it, and this is long. Well, bonuses – as a fast, but risky method. Proper affiliate policy also solves much.

– in the jurisdictions of which countries are easier and the best possible to organize and promote online casinos?

– if we talk about the countries of the former ussr, then this is georgia and baltic.

Speech by laurentia gybin on gambling conferences eu in georgia

– suppose i wanted to open an online casino in the jurisdiction of curaçao. How much money will need me at the initial stage, givense, the recruitment of personnel, the recruitment of personnel, the opening of accounts and other?

– some providers will answer you 50-100 thousand. Dollars. But really in less than two million it will not be possible to launch a more or less normal project.

– and what expenses will be expected to be expected?

– depends on jurisdiction and target markets. Basic expenses will be on marketing. The rest of the os will fully meet 100 thousand. Per month. The main complexity here is not in costs, but in where to find specialists.

– and you yourself are interested in gambling?

– i myself rarely play, as i get money not so easily and not in such quantities in order to gave gambling.

– if you had to change the scope of activity, what would be engaged in?

– i also like the hospitality industry: hotels, restaurants, clubs.

– whats are the key changes to the gembling industry in the cis in the near future you expect in the near future?

– legalization of gambling business in new jurisdictions. There is a conversation about kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, for example.

– why do you think igor zone azov-city did not survive? What anti-crisis measures shold be taken to prevent it?

– she just survived, contrary to everything, but she was sacrificed to the new zone in sochi, although they have a completely different clientele. I am very sympathetic to all those who spent so much for the creation of azov city. But it was a good demonstration of attitudes towards this investor, ready to build a city in a clean field.

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