Norsk Tipping Introduced Gamban Self-Slip Filters

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February 11, 2022
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Norsk Tipping Introduced Gamban Filters

Norsk tipping introduced a free gambling filter for players who want to block themselves access to online gambling sites. The "gamban" filter is a program that blocks access to gaming sites and services related to gambling, mobile devices, pcs and tablets.

"Gamban is a valuable addition to its own exception system norsk tipping.  The filter allows us to offer extended protection for customers who want to block access to all game offers on the internet – both adjustable and unregulated ",

– said bjorn helge hoffmann, head of the division of responsible games in norsk tipping.

"When people who have difficult relationships with gambling, decide to close our player account, we respect this decision. We hope that gamban will be able to help both users and their relative. ",

– said the general director of norsk tipping havnelid.

The company indicates that the filter is not "waterproof", and that some game sites in exceptional cases will be able to pass, even if the blocking filter is activated. The filter does not replace its own norsake tipping and regulatory measures, but expands them.

The filter operates at a particular 180 days, 1 year, 3 or 5 years. It can not be removed before the expiration of the seccified period. Lock applies to all game online sites, including norsk tipping, as well as unregulated gaming companies.

Source: official site norsk tipping

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