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January 13, 2022
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The city council of belfast plans to encourage all gambling operators to follow the example of ladbrokes, voluntarily reduce the maximum bet on fobt terminals in northern ireland.

Northern Ireland policies will discuss FOBT limit

Maximum rates on fobt or on b2 machines will be reduced by £100 bc £2 from april in england, scotland and wales after the adoption of the parliamentary authorized document.

This legislation does not apply to northern ireland, where gambling are governed in accordance with the 1985 decree on rates, games, lotteries and entertainment, and the 2005 gembling law. The lack of ruling executive and the assembly in northern ireland means that legislative measures cannot be taken to reduce the limit of the rate.

However, ladbrokes owned by gvc holdings, announced plans to introduce the same limit in their bookmakers in northern ireland, as in the rest of the uk, in november last year.

Now dr. John kyle intends to ask the city council of belfast to call on other operators to do thee same. Indition, they will will to voice their plans to proflem players.

Previously, experts expressed the view that large gambling operators would not suffer due to the decline in bets on fobt.

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