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May 16, 2022
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Norwegian Igor Commission Will Finish Seobutle

National body regulating gambling in norway, lotteritilsynet must finf by seo seobutler service provider for 2000 norwegian crowns (198 euros) per day for the promotion of illegal sites dedicated to gambling.

The regulator previously warned seobutor. He first ordered the company to stop promoting unlicensed gambling sites on its platforms in decept.

In march, a warning followed that seobutler will receive a fine if not stop selling sites.

In response, seobutler said that access to his sites was blocked for norwegian ip addresses, but during a review conducted last month, the norwegian regulator found that four sites have dot domains.No and are available to users in the country.

Although many seobutler sites were really blocked for norwegian users, lotteritilsynet found that tjenpengeronline.No, fotballreisetips.No, finnstilling.No and startsidendin.No acted and promoted unlicensed games. 

Lotteritilsynet reports:

"Seobutler was repeatedly notified of violations of the prohibition of marketing and distribution.

Lotteritilsynet seriously refers to refers to re-violations of the rules become cnown which specific cases are considered a violation of the rules.

Moreover, seobutler in several cases created the impression that he fulfilled the order for the termination of his illegal activity ".

He will finish the company in the amount of 2000 norwegian crowns (198 euros) a day from may 25 to the maximum amount in 200,000 norwegian crowns (19,800 euro).

The law on norwegian lotteries 1998-1999 states that the fine must be quite large, "so that he dals with the advantage of the advantages that he could receive from continuing illegal activity", but "should not be unreasonable high".

Source: focus gaming news

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