Not All Macao Operators Waited For Smoking Rooms

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January 26, 2022
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Mgm cotai mgm cotai casino, managed by mgm china holdings ltd, still expects a local government for smoking rooms requested by the company.

Not all Macao operators waited for smoking rooms

Makao health bureau declares that at the moment it was issued permission to operate a total of 436 smoking rooms of the new sample for 27 casino casino. This list includes gambling institutions that manage 6 local operators. The exception was the mgm cotai, according to the latest updated list of approved brushroom bureau, published on monday.

Indition, as of february 11, the bureau received a total of 555 requests for the installation of new closures for smoking in a casino.

Until decept 31, the vip rooms were the only places in macau casino, where he was allowed to smoke behind the game table. However, this opportunity ceased to act on january 1, 2018, when new rules on smoking in macau entered into force. The grace period was established for the industry, which lasted the year.

Sevel investment analysts mentioned earlier that new smoking rules are likely to be an obstacle to gambling business.

The official information contained in the announcement of the health bureau announcement of the total of 12 gaming centers did not ask for licensing halls for smoking new sample.

In januaryted that in january, the bureau employees 250 times conducted joint patrolling of macau’s gambling institutions of the city authority for the supervision of the casino – bureau of igor inspection and coordination. As a result, 189 cases of violation of the rules of smoking were identified and appreate measures were taken.

Traditional working group macau – fedation of trade unions macau – recentlyted that violations of the rules of smoking in the casino are most often observed in some vip-halls of the city.

Recall that the hong kong company steve vickers and associates ltd published a report on risk assessment for 2019, which states to the local government contributs to the stabilization of the sector.

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