Novak Djokovic Won The Roland Garros And Did What I Did Not Manage To Nadaal And Federer

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July 29, 2022
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The world’s best tennis player novak djokovich again proved his superiority, this time – at the open championship of france. He managed to arrange cambick against the cycipas peak and set the record. Exclusive sports news already here.


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Jokovich novak – tsizizpas stefanos: this final roland garros will accurately go down in history

Last night, serbian tennis player novak djokovic won his next title and replenished the collection of the grand slam. In the final «rolan garros» the first racket of the world has met young, but already very strong stefanos cycizpa. The match turned out more thanw worthy – real final: the game lasted five sets, the serb lost 0: 2 in the course of the match, but designed cambake, and also installed a special record, losing the nose to the main competitors – rafael nadal and roger federer.


About the game. In the first two sets, djokovic looked not very. On his background, the cycipas flutter, forcing the opponent to allow we often strange mistakes. As a result, greek beautifully finished the first set. The second was also easily given to him: djokovic could not cope with forend of the opponent and aggressive, but beautiful game.

But starting herself in almost a dead end, in subsequent sets, djokovic revealed. He clinging for each trifle, using the rivals misconceed mistakes, which he did increasingly. Serb has provided serious pressure on cycipas, besides, his attacks from forend sharply became superenday. Novak was completely rehabilitated for the incredible middle and the second part of the game. Tennis players seeemed to have changed roles: by the end the game zizizpas rarely won the game. But the both conducted an impressive game that ended with a score 6: 7, 2: 6: 4: 4.

But on the way to the final djokovic managed to put rafael nadalu the first since 2016 defeat on «rolan garros», and also become the first tennis player of the open era, won won all tbs twice. Today at his account 19 «big helmets».

«Considering what happened over the past 48 hosts, it is probably one of the three most important achievements in my career: the day before yesterday i beat rafu for 4.5 hours on his court, so yesterday i did not even train», – reacted to the victory novak jokovic.

Rolan Garros

«I spent an excellent tournament and satisfied. However novak – great champion, and i hope one day to achieve at least half of all that he achieved», – commented on the defeat stefanos cycipas.

Stefanos Cycipas

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