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January 27, 2022
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Novomatic has siged an agreement with indo pacific gaming (ipg) on the supply of game equipment to southeast asia. According to preliminary data, this will allow $ 5.7 billion to exceed the income achieved in 2018.


The agreement implies not only the supply of equipment, but also to enter the market as an operator. From now on novomatic will be presentied throughout south asia – in cambodia, laos, nepal, vietnam and sri lanka.

Despite the fact that the company was founded 27 years ago, success towards it recently. In 2017, the company stated an income of $ 2.5 billion, and in the past increased profits twice. Austrian company in more than 50 countries of the world and is considered the leager in the market of gambling equipment.

After opening of south asian markets, analysts have no doubt that novomatic will be able to repeat last year’s success and again twice the income.

To adapt in new territories, novomatic has developed a number of games using a new interface that will meet the requests of asian players. The motivetes of southeast asia were embodied in dragon hits and asian dragon hot.

In addition, the company recently acquired austrian company ainsworth.

Strengththening competition

StrengthThening Competition

For many competitors news about the company’s exit to the asian market – anxious. Technological giant owns 270 thousand. Devices worldwide, as well as 2 thousand. Outlets, including the terminals of the video gallery, and compete with it will not be easy.

Novomatic and indo pacific gaming cooperation can lead to market monopolization. Companies plan to attract players not only of the above states, but also a neighboring country – mainland china.

According to the vice-president of robert dietakstra, the ipg experience in the asian markets will allow to expand coverage and improve the quality of the products provided.

Recall that novomatic left the german market due to to the lack of clear regulatory rules of the online gambling industry.

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