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January 10, 2022
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The total number of arriving in macau in 2018, according to experts, will reach 35 million. Such a forecast made the head of the city bureau for tourism.

Number of Tourists Macau Increased in 2018

Official data show that the number of arrivals in macau 11 monhs before november 30 increased by 9.1% compared with last year and amounted to 32.2 million.

Guests from the mainland china amounted to 70.8% of the total number of visitors in the first 11 months of 2018, or 22.81 million. It is more than 13.3% compared with last year.

According to the general plan for the development of the macau tourism industry, adopted by the government, the total number of visitors arriving in the city can reach 40 million by 2025.

Director of public administration of tourism macau (mgto) maria helena de senna fernandez reported to journalists on december 20, that the opening of the hong kong bridge – zhuhai – macau in october contributed to an increase in the number of coming in macau. However, she noted that many of the visitors entering the city in the bridge were one-day excursors, more interested travel experience in the most mega infrastructure than visiting the sights of the city.

Most players in macau casino are urban tourists. At the same time, night visitors tend to represent greater value for the local gambling industry than one-day tourists. Some investment analysts believe that the numbers in the number of visitors to macau are not directly related to the total demand for gambling.

According to official data, the monthly ggr casino macau rose by 13.7% year in annual terms for the first 11 months of 2018 to almost 276.38 billion patacts ($ 34.29 billion).

Earlier it became known that the quality of service index in macao casino decreased. The corresponding report prepared mgsi.

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