Nurmagomedov About Plan To Fight With Ferguson, Personal Attitude To The Career

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April 26, 2022
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Unbeaten mma fighter (28-0) habib nurmagomedov spoke out about his upcoming ufc champion title in lightweight vs tony ferguson.

Nurmagomedov about plan to fight with Ferguson, personal attitude to the opponent and the end of the career

Habib is aware of the importance of meeting with tony

Four times meeting «eagle» and «el cukuya» was transferred to different kinds of reasons. And when the fans have already completely burned in their meeting, dana white decided to take a chance in the fifth. The importance of their confrontation perfectly understands nurmagomedov. This was one of the main reasons for the signing of the agreement, he said.

In an interview with rt, russian recognizes that he has no hatred against an american. Nurmagomedov recognizes its strength and greatness, but as a man tony he does not like. Main reason – dagestana does not understand what is happening in the head of ferguson. Another question, whether it understands tony himself.

We advise you to read our material about the problems with the psyche that experienced «el cukui». Now problems seem to be overcome, but confidence that they will not return – no.

However, in the same interview, habib admits that he is not particularly and necessary to understand how the fergie thinks. When they go to octave, «eagle» just will do your job. In comments for publication «sport express» russian shared his strong parties. According to nurmagomedov, he is stronger than tony in the struggle, tightly physically, and also feels great psychological confidence, since he did not know the defeats in his career and more – i have never been to nokdaun.

The fight between nurmagomedov and ferguson is scheduled for april 18. Actively prepare for battle habib will start 100 days before the event. At least such a figure calls the information agency tass, referring to the words of the russian fighter. This approach is necessary for uniform load distribution. In the same interview «eagle» and told when he plans to complete his career. Habibu is now 31 years old, and, according to him, it is an excellent age for fights, he himself also feels good, but believes that «to retirement not far, it’s not around the corner».

In a separate material, we wrote about how habib praised tony ferguson.

Earlier we reported a possible revenge mcgregor with habib.

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