Ocean Casino Resort Announces Reinvestment In The Amount Of 15 Million Dollars

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April 28, 2022
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Ocean Casino Resort Announces Reinvestment In The Amount of 15 Million Dollars

Ocean casino resort, atlantic city, usa, doubts recent success, reinvesting $ 15 million in the resort, team members and the surrounding community north beach.

"Ocean interest to our people, products and community is a testimony of a propressive direction in which our property moves with the onset of summer months," said terry glebki, general director ocean casino resort. Since the limitations are removed, and we begin to re-open additional areas of our business, i am very pleased with the oppitive to submit to our guests areoping gaming experience, unique to the market ".

Following the debut of the high-class slot machines the cove and the luxurious private gaming suit the loft this summer ocean continues to raise the rates, bringing sevel addition to the casino. A completely new establishment for board games with high limits, a unique asian gaming space, as well as two new leisure halls for ocean rewards card holders will appear at the resort. In addition, new tracks will be laid around the casino so that guests can easily move between games, including more thank 250 new slot machines.

Indition to improving the game floor in ocean, the resort will expand a number of non-chairs, including swimming pools and cabins for dressing, beach, culinary hospitality and entertainment. More information about each concept will be present in detail later this year.

As ocean continues to strength its success, the resort is still committed to the support of the team members and the community in which he flourishes. Indition to the annual wage increase by more thanvant team members, ocean and luxor capital group will donate $ 50,000 to several local charitable organizations.

"Success is responsible, and there is no greater responsibility than to do what is right – added glebki . Thanks to the hard work, the definition and commitment of our team, ocean 2020 was successful, which allows us to increase wages, as well as pay our local north beach community."

As part of the growing green initiative initiative developed by atlanticare foundation, ocean will provide public gardens located on the territory of the absecon lighthouse and uptown school complex, which will help improve food methods, expand the possibilities of residents and decorate open spaces. In collaboration with the boardriders of south jersey, ocean organizes two summer cleaning of beaches, and will also familiarize themselves with water, safety training and surfing lessons for local children. In support of the covenant house mission in new jersey to provide asylum to young people wh collided with homelessness and human trafficking, ocean will provide them with equipment and essentials for travel. Indition, ocean will invest in boys and girls club. Summer camp steam labs, where atlantic city youth can practice digital art, conduct scientific experiments and learn to program.

Source: official site ocean casino resort

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