Officially: Georges Saint-Pierre Completed His Career, Habib Has Already Invited Him To Visit (Video)

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January 28, 2022
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Yesterday, a press conference was held in montreal, on which the ufc champion in two weight categories georges saint-pierre announced the completion of his career.

Officially: Georges Saint-Pierre Completed His Career, Habib Has Already Invited Him To Visit (Video)

Now you can breathe with complete confidence, the fight of habib nurmagomedova with george saint-pierre will not be accurate. The information that reported on his page on twitter espn journalist and mma head insider ariel helvani was trouthful – the great fighter announced the completion of his career, which lasted with breaks of almost 20 years.

Before conference, habib tried to make the last attempt to persuade saint pierre to stay and posted an appeal to him in instagram. Read more about this in ours material.

At the farewell event gsp summed up. According to the fighter, he always wanted to leave at the peak and healthy. In general, it turned out: the champion for his career in ufc lost only two fights, the latter was in the distant 2007. To the honor of the fighter it is worth saying that after each of the defeats, he went to revenge and defeated.

I’m announcing my retirement from the ufc and mixed martial arts competition. I intend to keep training and practicing martial arts for as long as i live, but now is the time that i chose to end my career as a professional mma athlete. Read my official statement in the image. Pic.Twitter.Com / ump0le5xef

— georges st-pierre (@georgesstpierre)
february 21, 2019.

But with health not everything is so simple. Canadian himself argues that decision on the completion of the career is not related to the injury of the head, but specialists suspect that it also. For example, the commentator of mixed martial arts joe rogan suggested that saint pierre’s stories about failures in memory and the abduction of aliens – consequence of injury.

However, george himself claims that he is in excellent shape and does not plan to lose it and «great», how do other athletes do at the end of the career. According to rush himself, now he looks in training even better than a couple of years ago (at the moment he has already been 37 years old). Also, the champion turned to other fighters and urged them to go on a peak and not wait until they point to them.

He did not bypassed the subject of a possible fight which was told during the last year. According to saint pierre, they both wanted to meet in octave. Canadian himself considers nurmagomedov the best fighter in the world, but ufc had other plans. The organization wanted from gsp a few more fights, and he was not ready for this. Consensus was not found, and he decided to leave on peace.

Summed up georges his speech with the words about what does not want someone to fight him, although it does not exclude that he can return, but while he left.

Habib nurmagomedov after the news about the official care of canadians from the sport laid out on his page video clip of the champion fighting:

«Look this video, and you will understand why i wanted to fight him. Just he is one of the best at all times. I wanted to divide the cage with him while he is active, this is a story, and people will watch her again and again, i want to fight the best. In any case, good luck to you, legend, time mercilessly, and your solution is true. And do not forget that when you next time you will be in russia, i will introduce you to dagestan cuisine, since you no longer need to reduce the weight».

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Now look at this video and you’ll understand why i wanted to fight with him, simply he’s one of the best of all times. I just wanted to share cage with him while he’s active, that’s the history and people be watching it again and again, i want to fight with the best. Anyway, good luck to you legend @georgesstpierre time is merciless, and your decision is right. And don’t forget, when you’re in russia next time, i’ll introduce you with dagestan cuisine, you don’t need to cut weight anymore ???? #legend

Publication from khabib nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) 21 feb 2019 at 9:19 pst

Nurmagomedov will not be able to perform in ufc until november, it is then coming to the end of his life disqualification for a fight in october. At this time, he can meet with floyd maeveter as part of a boxing match and, according to umar kremlin, even to defeat. More about this in ur separate material.

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