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July 21, 2022
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State duma deputy and the olympic champion believes that cyberport is a special threat to traditional disciplines in sports. The representative of the russian esports sector does not share such unrest. Fresh cyberport news and confrontation of classics with innovations deal in the material.

Offline Sport VS Kibera: Fight for Financing Bookmakers - Comment Dmitry Machulina

State duma depeut and the svetlana zhurov olympic champion in one of his live performances reported that the cybersport became a direct competitor of traditional sports disciplines, mainly in terms of sponsorship deductions. Parliamentarian believees that the bookmakers do not matter what kind of sport take rates, but it is important that such rates. For cyber ​​business less expensive, because here athletes can participate in tournaments around the clock. So, the rates will be accepted around the clock, but in live sports, the likelihood of indirect circumstances is high, which reduce the income of the bc, in particular the conditions of tournaments and replacement, reports nsn words of zhurov.

Opinion supported in the federation athletics of moscow. The president of the organization oleg kurbatov believees that the esports sector is a direct competitor of live sports in terms of financial support. From his words, the ioc has already called on international sports federation to carefully study agreements with cyboringe communities the financial of offline matches.

Editorial logincasino.Com decided to clarify the situation and appealed to the repressentativive of the euro constellation industry of russia. The founder of the cyberport project for the cis moscow five academy and the american project beyond esports dmitry machulin commented on situation as follows:

"Progress of technology over the past 10 years flew sharply. Pandemic shook all the markets even more. Someone drowned someone accelerated. Bookmakers saw the opportunity to earn more, because they — profit companies, not a subsidiary story", —notes speaker.

Still, dmitry believees that the sponsorship market of two sectors does not intersect and soon the separation will become more explicit.

"Target classic sports and cyber ​​audience very different. Intersection minor. Since the esports market is young, it is typical of growing. And it grows by a big pace. For those who survive for the the usual sport, it is just incomprehensible. They think that the audience flows and in fact it just comes new and on a large scale", — explains dmitry.

However, advertising budgets will soon be naturally redistributed, the expert believe.

"Yes, advertising budgets. Some part will go to the cybersport. But bookmakers will definitely continue to sponsor traditional sport. There is a huge audience of fans, spectators, fans and she will not evaporate anywhere", — says machulain.

Less popular types of offline sports will gradually disappear. The young generation is interesting boxing, ufc, dynamic disciplines. Those who do not find the desired here are moving to watch dota 2, cs: go. Low-demanding types of disciplines are simply eliminated. And this is a normal process, considers dmitry machulin.

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