Oksana Baul Again Attacked Zagitov, Alina Finally Answered

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July 29, 2022
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Oksana baul oksana bayul champion continues to produce publications in the social network relative to topical topics in the russian fc. Particularly often on its page, reports of alina zagitova began to appear, which personally respondd to it. Fresh sports news already here.

Oksana Baul Again Attacked Zagitov, Alina Finally Answered

Source photo: navka.Show, epa.Eu

The figure skater oksana baul continues to discuss alina zagitov, and at the same time tatiana navka

Tatiana show navka «ruslan and ludmila» – new victim of olympic champion oksana baul, which recently does not miss any top news of russian figure skating. Opinions appear directly in instagram oksana baul – here she lays out various photos, video, screenshots writes something from herself. The 1994 olympiad champion was previously tightly expressed about his mentor tatiana tarasova, shaw eteri tutberidze «ice champions», choreographer tsht aleksa zheleznyakov and others. Especially often on its page began to fasten posts about alina zagitova.

First, baul accused alina in the dress plagiarism, then «horrified» abundance of jumps in modern figure skating (of ​​course, also on the example of the grant).

Baul Accused Alina in a Plagiarism Dresses

Source: instagram.Com / oksanabaiul

Source: instagram.Com / oksanabaiul

This time a lot of questions from oksana baul appeared about the new show tatiana navka «ruslan and ludmila», will alina zagitova. Ukrainian published photos of the olympic champion, and also attached screenshots with information about the show. It will, by the way, will be shown in sochi from july 1. Indition to navka and zagito, peter chernyshev, maxim kovtun, philip warren and others. Oksana baul, in turn, focused on the participation of viktor petrenko, and also wondered who would fulfill the role of lyudmila. It seems that the ex-figureboard has configured that zagitova appeared in the crown navka in the announcement of the ice show.

«Why did zagitov put the crown navka? Dignity must be carried by their crown, and not someone else’s», – wrote bakhul.

Subscribers trid to explain the athlete that the crown – it’s just props, but, as it turned out later – unsuccessfully. Then the ukrainian olympic champion decided and all raise the topic of costumes between the skaters. She remembered how tatiana navka performed in her black dress, attaching evidence in a separate post. Also baul mocked the fact that already in the video consecration, the very crown was put on.

The Champion Decided to Raise The Topic of The Costumes Between Skaters AT All

Source: instagram.Com / oksanabaiul


Source: instagram.Com / oksanabaiul

A few days later, oksana baul finally got the long-awaited fidbek from alina zagito. Olympic champion of 2018 wrote under the publication of the eldest colleague, so that she was not worried and also promised to return the crown by navka safe and maintain by navka safe and maintained.

Oksana Baul Finally Got The Long-Awaited Fidbek

Source: instagram.Com / oksanabaiul

Fans of the grown promptly ran in the comments to the post of baul and supported the favorite. According to the overwhelming majority, alina beautifully laid the nose of the senior colleague.

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