Oksana Baul Asked No Longer To Respond Bad About Tarasova

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July 21, 2022
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Ukrainian figure skater baul again gained popularity thanks to his brave statements. This time the turned to her with an unexpected request, which is directly related to the words oksana baul about tarasova. Latest sports news already on the portal.

Oksana Baul Asked No Longer To Respond Bad ABOUT Tarasova

Oksana baul’s figure skaters continued to be a secret war with tatyana tarasova, but this time she was not attacked

Recent states of the ukrainian ex-figure skater oksana baul adding to his former coach tatiana tarasova, critica show eter tutberidze «ice champions» and the reaction to the alina zagito dress was returned by the olympic champion’s former popularity. It would seeem that the famous athlete has long moved away from affairs, but its public revelations about the snsational events in modern figure skating could not but attract attention.

Especially a lot of noise endowed the words of famous figure skater oksana baul and oksana grischuk about tatyana tarasova. In addition to the fact that the specialist allegedly covers with its patriotism only love for money, athletes also discussed how tarasova, according to their approval, was robbed by baul, destroyed her career and continued to withdraw financial benefits with a pair of ex-partner baul yevgeny platov and his already new companion.

Many criticized ukrainian for such loud and negative words to the legendary specialist, but tatyana tarasova herself decided not to store this not the most pleasant story. Ex-coach baul ignored accusations of his address from the student, and many of her comrades supported her, praising the position chosen by the coach. Soon, a specialist was found to interfere, about which ukrainian figure skater told on the day before. Baul published in his «instagram» screenshots of correspondence with a long-standing girlfriend of natasha shhatnicoff, who previously wrote a journalist from dnieper valery meakotenko.

BAUL PUBLISHED IN HIS'Instagram' screenshots of correspondence with a long-standing girlfriend of Natasha Hatpnikoff

In the report, the journalist asked natalia to transfer her friend bahaul request no longer to speak out negatively about tatiana tarasova, about another former mentor of oksana galina zmievskaya and in general «that part of her life whe she was champion». Mealkotenko said it «not in christian», calling the ex-figure skater to enjoy life and educate the daughter.

Natasha hatpnicoff immediately wrote about the happening post in «facebook», attaching the screenshot of the message mykhotenko and his joint photo with oksana. Obviously, they were previously familiar, but nothing more is known about their relationships. In any case, this message of the girlfriend of the figure skaters perceived as a threat. Woman condemns her girlfriend to silence about her past, in which the seccified persons came with it not the best way.

Natasha Shatpnikoff Immediately Wrote About the Happening POST in Facebook

Oksana baul, in turn, did not comment in any way commented on the message of the compatriot, only published screenshots.

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