Oksana Grischuk Supported Baul: Averbukh Stood Up For Their First Sacrifice

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July 20, 2022
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The famous couple of oksana grischuk and evgeny feet, as it turned out, once became a victim of tatiana tarasova. Ex-figure skater ilya averbukh spoke in defense of specialists. Fresh sports news already in the article.

Oksana Grischuk supported Baul: Averbukh stood up for their first sacrifice

Oksana grischuk figure joined oksana baul: the champion of two oi again spoke about tarasova

Despite all the power of figure skating in russia, even here it does not work out without scandals, provoked by the same athletes themselves. One of the most high-profile figures this month was the olympic champion of 1994 from ukraine oksana baul, who decided to express everything he thinks about shaw eter tutberidze «ice champions». It is easy to guess that there was little positive in the statements, nevertheless, ex-figure skater found her supporters.

We are talking about the two-time olympic champion oksana grischuk, who once performed in a pair with evgeny platov. Star steam for some time trained at the honored russian coach tatiana tarasova, which grischuk rigidly spoke in december last year. Then the champion of two ois told that a specialist deceived her financially. Grischuk noted that tarasova personally walked her to join her group, and also remembered that the fee for one of the olympiads was noticeable to her.

A few months later, oksana grischuk continued the course given on the eve of the new year and did not stop criticizing his former coach. Did this olympic champion in the comments to one of the posts of oksana baul in «instagram», where she most often publishes his thoughts on a particular occasion. Under the published screenshot of the commentary alexei yagudina appeared a few comments grischuk – and two famous figure skaters of russia rose a dialogue.

Grischuk writes that tarasova rang her after the olympics and broke them with a pair, continuing «cancel» money with eugene and his new partner. Also, the ex-figure skater thanked the colleague for discovering the public of the eye to how terrible man tatiana tarasova is. In response, baumul wrote in a joke, which probably tarasova suggested tumberidze to spark the name of the show «ice champions». Grischuk was expressed in defense of baul, and called tarasov snake, which rushed and took everything from his athletes.


On the words of oksana grischuk about tatyana tarasova reacted by the former figure skater and now producer show ilya averbukh. He called the grischuk the great figure, specifying that her merit is not a guarantee of the mind and decency of a person. Averbukh stressed that not all athletes own such human qualities, condemning the two-time olympic champion for the words addressed to the honored coach of russia.

«There is nothing more comment here, honestly», – said ilya averbukh in comments sport24.

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