Old Trafford Broke Off The Record Series Of Jurgen Kloppa

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April 13, 2022
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On sunday, october 20, the central match of the tour took place between «manu united» and «liverpool». The duel was reflected in the career of sulcher.

Old Trafford Broke Off The Record Series of Jurgen Kloppa

Despite the fact that guests were absolute favorites, «mercisaydz» again could not beat «devils» at their stadium. Read more in material.

«Old trafford» remains a fortress for mj

Few who had doubts that «liverpool», who won all eight of her fights, will not be able to defeat the crisis «manchester united». About such an opportunity reminded only statistics – for the last 10 games «mercisaydz» winned «devils» only one day. It was last season «enfield», and here «old trafford» remained an impregnable fortress for 5 years.

Fortunately for mj, david de hea was able to recover to the responsible game and took his legitimate first place in the gate. Uhh gunnar sulcher chose the most defensive style of the game against the command of cloppa. And although the broadcast director marked the alignment «manchester» as 3-4-1-2, it was clear that most of the time «devils» will be played out the 5-2-1-2 scheme, where five defenders opposing the attacking power «liver», two destroyers in the face of mactominia and fred will actively help.

And it is worth noting that with its task, this plan for the game coped almost throughout the match. And at the 36th minute he was crowned with a fast counterattack, which ended with the nude of marcus roshford after the transfer of james. True, this was preceded by foul on the origin, to whom the chief judge decided not to attach importance even after using the var system.

Rashford’s goal 1-0. ????????

Beautiful assist from daniel james. Pic.Twitter.Com / lgiqztnvyi

— genius (@geniusmufc)
october 20, 2019

About the crazy match of the russian federation with three penalty and var – in our special review.

At the end of the first half, the video prototors played again in favor of the owners. Thanks to them, referey atkinson canceled the goal of sadio mane. To go through the defense redoubts from the guests turned out only in the end of the meeting. At the 85th minute, adam lallana distinguished himself, a man, the existence of which many probably forgotten, – so rarely he goes on the field.

The moment adam lallana broke delusional hearts ????#munlivpic.Twitter.Com / pv551g2l22

— ziyaad ???????????????????????? (@ziyaad_lfc)
october 20, 2019

According to the result «liver» so could not overcome magic «old trafford», despite its amazing shape and the role of favorite. This result did not help «manu united» climb the tournament table, but accurately extended the life of sulseli as the chief coach of the club. After all, it was he who became the first who took the glasses from «mersisadets» this season, never allowing to establish a record for the duration of the victory series.

We wrote about the possible dismissal of the norwegian and its potential successors in a separate material.


Previously, we wrote that paul could leave mj this winter.

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