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June 20, 2022
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On the 85th line in the ranking "200 richest businessmen of russia 2020" is located oleg boyko. Capital of $ 1.1 billion he earned on gambling and financial markets. This is a controversial figure, which is not always told the truth. His reputation caused doubts from the central bank, for which the regulator subsequently had to be met.

Name boyko
date of birthseptember 28, 1964
a placemoscow, ussr

Childhood and education

Boyko grew in a decent family. His father was led by the aviation company ngo "take-off", and the mother worked at the institute of medicinal plants of the russian academy of sciences.

Parents sent oleg to learn in the physico-mathematic class. Since the small years he perfectly considered. In the youth, the future entrepreneur did not forget about physical health – there is a black carat belt.

In 1981, boyko entered the moscow aviation institute. He worked in the msu computing center from 1982 to 1986. In 2006, also graduated from ranjigs.

Business pioneer in russia

First experience as an entrepreneur oleg received in school years – he founded a karate. Open talent managed in 1988, selling computer equipment.

In 1990, the company "olbi" – a chain of stores, which released its own debit cards for paying for the purchase. A little later, boyko founded the bank "national credit".

The first money, young oleg sport on expensive kimono

By 30 years he came to the board of directors of the ort and the supervisory board of sberbank. This turned out to be enough for fought bullion to the oligarchs. In 1995, a businessman thanks to the relationship and money took off the house on the cote d’azur, who a year ago booked sharon stone for a trip to the cannes festival. Then the public scandal broke out between the actress and successful entrepreneur.

Oleg finishes conflict, launching an airplane with an offensive phrase to sharon stone.

Fat year

In 1996, boyko with other investors created finstar financial group. He could reach unprecedented heights in business, but unsuccessful circumstances insert sticks in the wheels.

Returning to the the villa in monaco, oleg discovers that he lost the keys on the beach. He decides to enter the house through the balcony on the 2nd floor, but whenbing it breaks and breaks the spine. Being paralyzed, treated in several hospitals of france. If oleg managed to recover from the collapse of the national credit network "national credit", then the spinal injury forever chained a wheelchair.

First time he is hiding out of sight and almost never appears in the information field. Return to business helps communication. In 1999, in ​​his restaurant, boyko meets alexander abramov. With a partner, he buys the debts of metallurgical organizations – the company "evraz" is formed. In 2004, oleg sells 25% of the shares for $ 600 million. A year later, abramov displays a company on an ipo. In the 2021th, the capitalization of evraz is $ 7.5 billion.

Corporate roulette

Oleg boyko’s successful deal in 2002. For $ 6 million, he redeems the "volcano" casino. Under the control of the boyko, a small network turns into the largest gambling company eastern europe. Ritzio entertainment’s annual revenue (now ritzio international) at the peak of development amounted to $ 1 billion.

However, circumstances played again with the entrepreneur. In 2006, vladimir putin signed a law on banning gambling, leaving 4 special casino zones. Since july 1, 2009, gambling institutions were to close. Ukraine followed the example and also banned gambling entertainment in 2009. As a result, ritzio entertainment income fell to $ 154 million. At this point, the company was preparing to enter the ipo. Boyko has a casino in germany, italy, romania and croatia, although this is a minaor business for such a major entrepreneur.

In 2005, the turnover of the gambling industry in russia was evaluated at $ 5-6 billion.

Oleg boyko was one of the owners of the g. Metelitsa entertainment complex, which worked from 1993 to 2009. Little las vegas attracted russian pop stars living money and a rich in the audience. Dima bilan, vlad stashevsky, valeria and others. He was also necessary to close due to the ban on gambling.

Entertainment complex "metelitsa" included a casino, bookmaker and nightclub

Lottery business

In 1997, the "patriot" lottery appears in ukraine, which belongs to the cypriot company limited. It is included in finstar holding, which means he is controlled by oleg boyko. According to the accounts chamber of ukraine, in 2015 "patriot" takes 69% of the market. In september 2015, the lottery falls under sanctions due to suspicion of russian roots. Alexander morozov, the former chairman of the board of oschadbank, is becoming the new owner of patriot, and in may 2018, the restrictions are removed from the company.

From 2008 to 2009, oleg boyko owned the russian lotto. The company has existed since 1994, and all the circulations took place every week first on rtr television (now russia), and after 2006 – on ntv. The price of one ticket was 50 rubles. In 2008, the net profit of russian lotto reached ₽32.3 million. In 2009, boyko sold the control package, however, the name of the new owner was not disclosed.

In 2010, sportloto received a state contract for 10 bustrial and 2 gravy lotteries in support of the olympic and paralympic games in sochi in 2014. In 2011, boyko sold his part sberbank – the deal was estimated at several million dollars.

In 2011, the entrepreneur confirmed that the state lottery "victory" is included in the list of assets finstar. Holding has invested ₽1 billion, and revenue for 5 years, according to forecasts, was supposed to be $ 315.5 billion. In 2015, the top management of the company bought it from oleg boyko – the amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

Roulette stopped

Now oleg boyko argues that no longer interested in gambling business. He successfully sells gambling companies:

  • American cadillac jack slots developer. Boyko bought a business in 2000 for $ 16 million. The entrepreneur invested in the development of another $ 50 million, and in 2012 sold david baazov for $ 177 million.
  • Better better better. Oleg boyko received a license rates. He became the first legal bookmaker in russia, but the market did not meet expectations. At first, boyko wanted to sell the business "marathon" – due to financial problems, the competitor could not afford the purchase. Later, the bookmaker has passed under the management of european investors.
  • In 2017, in the transfer of "at work noon" on tv channel russia 24 oleg boyko spoke about the desire to sell ritzio international – apparently, the buyer has not yet been found.

No development without obstacles

Oleg skillfully invest in small companies. After their growth sells for a larger amount. Money received from gambling business, entrepreneur begins to invest in finteh. In 2011, the list of assets replenishes the latvian microfinance company 4finance. The total volume of investments is estimated at € 100 million.

On may 6, 2019, the central bank sent oleg boyko two prescriptions about unsatisfactory business reputation. After entering the blacklist, the businessman needed to reduce the share of up to 10% in the organizations "4finance" and "smsfinance". Both are part of the pipessa holdings, which the entrepreneur fully controls. On june 28, 2019, the central bank removed the restrictions, referring to incorrect information on the activities of oleg boyko. What kind of error was allowed the regulator, does not specify.

For 9 months of 2020, 4finance operating profit was € 12.2 million.


Oleg boyko does not have children, and with his wife he is divorced. The entrepreneur believes that it is necessary to live for the sake of emotions. There are 2 sources of happiness – your own implementation and relationships with people.

"I still perceive business as a game," oleg boyko for forbes in 2011

To achieve success, an entrepreneur relies on the "inner wattle". A person should always motivate himself and "break into one point" – sooner or later he will achieve his.

Oleg has a voice recorder to do not forget the delous thoughts and ideas. The entrepreneur calls his approach "whisper".

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