Oleg Taktarov Made A Statement About The End Of The Career Of Nurmagomedov

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April 28, 2022
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Ex-fighter of mixed martial arts and actor oleg taktarov comments for the first time a career of habib nurmagomedova. This time he made a bold statement about his upcoming title protection against tony ferguson. Read more in material.

Oleg Taktarov made a statement about the end of the career of Nurmagomedov

Tactarov vs nurmagomedov: «a russian bear» never ceases to criticize champion

At one time, oleg taktarov performed in the american promotion ufc. At that time, the absolute fighting league looked differently and the fights were held in the format of the bellator grand prix format. In 1995, the russian won on one of such tournaments and became the first ufc champion from russia. After that, alternate a career of a fighter with filming.

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Now ex-champion frequent guest of television show and events related to mma. Oleg often comments on the world that happens in the world and periodically conflicts with other famous figures. So, recently, habib nurmagomedov and his father fall under the wave of his criticism. We wrote more about the reasons in a separate material.

In an interview with the sports insider channel, oleg again touched the topics of career habib. According to the russian fighter, with a large share of probability, the meeting of nurmagomedov with tony ferguson again ragged. Argumenting his position tatakov did not, saying that it was «beyond the understanding of the crowd», but he himself is understood. Also «a russian bear» she said that habiba has a chance to leave the sport without failure. To do this, he must leave soon, having broken a couple «bags», which are enough in ufc, at the same time earning money.

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Previously, we wrote that the fight of habiba with a conference was special for dagestan.

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