Olympiad-2020 Salvod For Russia: Applicants For Gold And Medals

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August 3, 2022
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On july 23, the world experts a grandiose sports event transferred for the year due to a pandemic covid-19 – summer olympiad in tokyo. These are the fourth games that will be held in japan: earlier the summer olympic games in tokyo (1964) and two winter olympics in sapporo (1972) and nagano (1998). The russian national team performs at the olympics 2020 as part of 335 athletes. 339 sets of medals will be played on competitions. More information about global sports news is contained in our section.

OLYMPIAD-2020 SALVOD FOR RUSSIA: Applicants for Gold and Medals
Content: 1. When the olympiad goes into tokyo2. In which sports from russia you can wait for gold at the olympiad22.One. Rhythmic gymnastics2.2. Wrestling – volnaya and greco-rimskaya2.3. Swimming2.4. Sport gymnastics2.Five. Fencing2.6. Synchronous swimming2.7. Beach volleyball3. In which sports disciplines, russia is not presented at all4. In which sports olympics russia will compete for medals4.One. Box4.2. Shooting4.3. Tennis5. Where russia has almost no chance of medals5.One. Table tennis5.2. Modern pentathlon5.3. Badminton5.4. Triathlon5.Five. Academic rowing5.6. Horse5.7. Heavy athlete5.8. Sports climbing5.Nine. Rugby 75.10. Sailing

When will the olympics in tokyo

Summer olympiad-2020 in tokyo starts on july 23, 2021, and ends on august 8. But some competitions, namely softball, male and female football tournaments, will be held on july 21, that is, to the official opening ceremony of games. Interestingly, these are the first olympic games in the history passing in an odd year.

Summer paralympic games are scheduled for the period from august 24 to september 5, 2021. It is assumed that 15.4 thousand will take part in the olympics in tokyo. Athletes, 4.4 thousand. Out of which – paralympic.

In which sports of the olympics russia will compete for the medals

In which sports of the Olympics Russia will compete for the medals


Winners of the 2019 world cup, bakshi and gadzhagomedov, worthy of receiving medals. Not favorites, but the probability of occupying prizes exists. The national team of the russian federation, according to expert estimates, can count in boxing for about 5 awards.


With a big percentage of the probability of the medal in this discipline should be among the russian national team. Gold at the 2018 world cup managed to conquer kamensky, blacks, karimov and batsarashkina. The last participant and so already have silver olympiad-2016. I wonder what chances will have the team this time.


Many legendary tennis players for all sorts of reasons pass participation in the tournament – federer, nadal, cycipas, tim and kirios. Therefore, russia increases the chances of prizes. Among the main challengers to win – medvedev, rublev, khachanov and kaites, as well as six tennis players.

Recall what top tennis news today is discussed in the world.

In disciplines such as handball, volleyball, judo, jumping into the water, as well as archery, water polo, trampoline jumping, cycling, taekwondo, canoeing and canoeing, – the russian national team also has chances of prizes, but here rates are even lower than in the above sports. Sports analysts suggest that the participants of the russian federation will be able to take no more than one medal in each of the disciplines.

Where russia has almost no chance of medals

Where Russia has almost no chance of medals

Table tennis

China is most likely to qualify at once on 5 gold awards. Russians usually pass round-two on these competitions.

Modern pentathlon

Lesun got a victory on the past olympiad, but this time he will not participate in the tournament. You can bet on lifanov and gubaidullin, but the chances of extremely low.


For example, at the world cup 2019, the russian team did not pass on the second round. The percentage of the medal is completely small. Asian athletes – leaders in this discipline.


The most outstanding athletes – igor and dmitry polyansky, as well as razhenov, who took part in the rio 2016, but occupied the low position.

Academic rowes

The chances here are quite low, given that the russian federation will represent 14 athletes.

Horseback riding

Here are the favorites more from europeans and americans than russia.


Only two athlete will speak from the russian federation. Kashirina, which took silver at the 2019 world cup, will not, so there are almost zero chances for medals.

Sports climbing

In the 1/4 final of the world cup 2019, there were three russian athletes, but they will not be in tokyo. Kaplin won two trophies in the past world cup – she will go, but hope for the capture of the medal is still difficult.


The russian women’s team got into the tournament, but the medal will be a surprise for athletes, even though the team is a six-time winner of the world cup.


It is unlikely that there will be at least one medal here, although in rio 2016 bronze managed to pick up yelfutin, but this time she did not go.

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