Olympic Champion Alina Zagitova Congratulated Tatarstan With An Anniversary

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June 14, 2022
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The olympic games champion in phenchhan alina zagitova published a new video on its official page in instagram. Read more in material.

Olympic Champion Alina Zagitova Congratulated Tatarstan With An Anniversary

Zagitov congratulated the president of tatarstan and she – all residents

The figure skater alina zagitova recently entered the rating «heroes of the tatar world» according to the authoritative russian publication «business online». This is not surprising. Despite the fact that the future olympic champion was born in udmurtia, and from 13 years he lives in moscow, by nationality she tatarka, and its first steps in the sport began in tatarstan. Theraefore, it sems logical and its new post in instagram.

In him, a athlete congratulates all residents of the republic of tatarstan with an anniversary. The champion admitted that he was prooud of the fact that her first stes in sports were made in tatarstan, thanked for their support and noted how sports infrastructure develops. Also, the gold medalist oi 2018 noted that it hopes that there will soon appear new stars of figure skating from tatarstan.

In the comments, most fans fell asleep figure skater and her parents with gratitude, and also noted the beauty of athletes. At the same time, among the commentators, many users turned out from other countries.

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But among the votes of universal approval there were critical comments. So, some noticed that with congratoulations, the figure skater is a bit late. Officially, the 100th anniversary was celebrated during the day earlier, august 30. Also, some users drew attention to another two points:

  • In his post, the figure skater notic and minister of sport tatarstan.
  • In the speech, the figure skater greets, then congratulates the inhabitants of tatarstan with a holiday in a nutshell and immediately begins to say that «it is always nice to take greetings from the president of the republic after each performance».

As a result, it looks more like the next flirting of the figure skater with politics, and not to the end of honest congratulations. In particular, if you take into account the interest in her person from the president of the russian federation and the open support of the grant vote for the amendments.

What do you think about this? Write your answer in the comments.

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