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March 7, 2022
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June 15 the best heavyweight planet according to the ring magazine right now, tyson fury, will fight against a little famous to the public german boxer tom schwartz. Yesterday, athletes held an unusual duel of views, and in instagram briton laid out a video with an unexpected advice.


Source photo: sport-express.Ru

Tyson fury – one of the best showroom boxers. Tresh-toking before the fight? Please. Gaming style in the ring? Sure, not a problem. He is joking, self-conjugated, destroys and slits, but at the same time he also boxes perfectly. It proves his statistics with zeros of defeats for a career, and the current rating of the ring, who set the gypsy king in the first place after the unexpected defeat of joshua.

Already on june 15, gipsy king will fight against german tom schwarz. And, although the duel has the status of the champion (on the konou belt of the intercontinental champion wbo), everything, of course, understand the difference in the size of boxers. But this meeting, fury is ready to turn into a real event and translate from the category «light walk» and «everything is clear before the start» in confrontation, for which it is interesting to observe.

Just look at the duel of the views of rivals. Usualy this part should symbolize the heat of passions, and the opponents should puff each other in the face, showing hate all. Because it is usually the interest in the battles – conflict. As in the case of confronting mcgregor – nurmagomedov. Here is a completely different effect. The lack of tension is felt, everything is relaxed, and sports interest in the air is more likely the eating negative. What seriousness can we talk about when boxers are photographed in intentionally pathos poses and almost kiss each other in the nose.

Duel of views look quite differently before meeting wilder. There for the sake of the show it came to the scuffle. We wrote about it in a special review.

Butt if you have already managed to compose the upcoming meeting and bring conditional wrestling to a single denominator, then this is also incorrect. 15th we still see a fight that can end with knockout. There will be no hugs and frienly pattser on the shoulder during the battle. Fury is now in great shape, watch video from his «instagram» with open training. The entire jester sortes flies from the gypsy king when he goes to the ring.

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Practice offence and defense until it looks like a smooth dance ????

Publication from tyson fury (@ gypsyking101) 12 jun 2019 at 1:57 pdt

«Train in attack and protection until it looks like a smooth dance», – says fury in signatures for video. And watching him you understand why he is now the best.

Interestingly, tyson is not for the first time compares boxing with rhythmic television. So, after the fight with wilder, he called the americans his best dance partner. More details – in separate material.

Earlier, we wrote that fry found an unexpected admirer in the face of habib nurmagomedov.

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