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January 17, 2022
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Ceo «ukrainian national lottery» andrei bockovsky stated that «cosmole» really belong «unl», however, this is not online casino, but the online lottery site.

Online Casino'Cosmole' does not belong to 'Unl'

It was this information that was filed on the official website «unl».

However, the internet also had another site was positioned as the first legal online casino. A variety of gambling has been offered on the site. Second «cosmole» also stated tat licensed «unl».

Bockovsky stated that the online casino had nothing to do with «unl». He also added that site owners – scammers whe are covered with the name «ukrainian national lottery».

«There are lottery „cosmole“, which is our product. Perhaps there are illegal sites with such a name. We turned to the police, there are criminal proceedings», – he said the head of the company at a press conference.

After journalists paid close attention to «the first legal online casino», link to his site ceased to be active. Now all users using the key «cosmole», fall on the site lotter «unl».

The conference on which bockovsky clarified the situation with «cosmole», was originally devoted to problems of gambling dependence.

Recall that «unl» introduced ukraine at the summit in argentina, denoting its business development strategy in detail.

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