Online Conference Nazapad: A New Look At Promotion In Western Markets

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August 10, 2022
2 minutes

Unique large-scale online events nazapad will be held on october 1, 2021. The organizers declare the opening of free registration to the conference and invite everyone to participate in a professional event dedicated to promoting business in western markets. About the best affiliates in the arbitration of traffic read on our website.

Online Conference NazaPad: A New Look At Promotion in Western Markets

This is an information and reference article that does not promote services or goods (in accordance with h. 2 s. 2 of the federal law of 13.06.2006 no. 38-f3 «about advertising», is not advertising).

One of the most anticipated thematic events nazapad will take place on october 1 at 9:00. Virtual business development conference will provide information on promotion in the markets of canada, usa, great britain, europe, asia and australia. For about 15 hours, speakers will provide fresh practical cases and respond to questions in live mode.

Among the rapporteurs of the 18th conference – arbitral trucks, businessmen, webmasters, seo specialists and other profile experts who will reveal unique site promotion strategies, will describe new linkbilding methods, the copyright ideas of content marketing will be supplied and analyze a niche for new growth points.

Key speakers among others will reveal such topics:

  • «Seo analytics at maxima» – stas, sework;
  • «Publications in the media not only for references» – alexander storozuk, prnews;
  • Open case for the promotion of sites in nish it – george rysak, develux;
  • Q / a session – tim solo, ahrefs and dr.

During the broadcast, viewers will be able to participate in the discussion through the online chat, in which you can ask questions, communicate with colleagues, share experiences. Nazapad broadcasts are watching thousands of interested specialists.

The organizers of seoprof have already announced the start of free registration. To get to the virtual conference, you need to fill the short form on the official portal https: // nazapad.Com /.

After the event is completed, the conference will be viewed on the youtube channel of seoprofy. There are also video with previous performances of nazapad speakers.

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We draw attention to that from july 1, 2009 outside the specially created gambling zones (in the republic of crimea, altai, krasnodar, primorsky krai, kaliningrad region), gambling can be carried out only in bookmakers and tote. All other gambling establishments can be opened exclusively in gambling areas (federal law of 29.12.2006 no. 244-fz).

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