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April 20, 2022
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The gambling regulator of france published data on the development of the industry in the third quarter of the current year. Online poker breaks forward due to increased activity on tournament competitions.

Online Gambling in France: Results of the Third Quarter of 2019

According to the french gambling regulator arjel, licensed online gambling operators in the third quarter of the current year generated income in the amount €346 million. An indicator of 27.7% exceeds the results for the same period last year. In addition, the industry has increased income on €3 million compared with the second quarter of 2019.

The main driving force of online gambling became bookmakers. 13 licensed operators provided data according to which the amount of revenue increased by 44% and amounted to €214 million. At the same time, the number of active players decreased by 1%. In addition, the operators have become less likely to provide the players bonus programs by reducing their own spending on €3 million.

Racing rates unexpectedly began to gain popularity: in the current quarter, 5% more hembiles were connected to operations. Income from the segment increased by 7%. Industry representatives are already predicted that the 2019th will be the third year in a row for which the growth and scaling of the segment.

The number of active players for online poker tables increased by 8% and amounted to 256 thousand. The total income from poker operations rose by 12% – before €66 million. At the same time, income from tournaments increased by 14% (€45 million), and in the cache games was generated €21 million. The indicator states an increase in income by 5%.

Marketing costs of french lottery operators increased by 13.2% and amounted to €43 million.

Arjel in the penultimate time provided data on the results of the industry. The authorities plan to replace the control body for a new structure – l’autorité nationale des jeux (anj). The start of the work of the latter is scheduled for january 1 of the following year.

Recall that the french lottery has become the initiator of creating an investment fund for startups.

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